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Friday, December 30, 2005

Halfway to Georgia

This morning we got a later start than desired - pulled out of Ramblin' Pines at 10:30am, an hour and a half later than planned! Oh, well that’s the way it goes sometimes. We’re not supposed to be a in hurry anyway - we’re retired! At least we’ve got beautiful weather to travel. It’s a gorgeous sunny day! Grateful for that.

First stop is Wytheville, VA, about 5.5 hours from Woodbine, MD. We’re staying in a KOA for the night. We stayed at this KOA a couple of years ago on the way to Nashville. It’s a nice park.

We’ve arrived! Got to Wytheville about 5pm, a little later than expected, but of course when you leave later than expected, that’s what happens! We had a good trip, somewhat cloudy, but often the sun would break through and it was just beautiful. We had the mountains on the east for quite a while. You just can’t help but praise God for his creation when you see those mountains off in the distance. They are magnificent.

Took no time to set up (as opposed to breaking camp earlier this morning!). Just plugged in, hooked the water hose up and turned on the cable. Then I booted up the computer and there was the internet. Boy, this camping gig is tough! hehehe

Blackie is a little freaked out. He travels well in the truck, but gets a nervous when we are setting up in a new place. It’s even a little weirder tonight because we only put out the bedroom slide, so it’s a little cramped in the kitchen. He settles down once we do. As I write this, Blackie is laying down at the foot of Randy’s side of the bed.

We’ll get on the road around 8am tomorrow morning - hopefully! :) Looks like we might have to travel through some rain, but the forecast for Cumming, GA where we are headed is 60 degrees! Not bad for January! Will write more tomorrow night.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Look at us!

Randy & Terry Posted by Picasa

Getting ready to leave

Since we became full-time RVers, many of our friends have asked us to set up a website or something so they can keep up with our travels. While visiting our good friends, Lee & Cheri, Cheri suggested that we set up a blog so that those folks who wish to check up on us can do so easily. Terry keeps a travel journal anyway, so that seemed to be a good way to kill two birds with one writing (so to speak!). So, as of December 30 we will be on the road and Terry will write about our travels. Hopefully it won't be too boring and you can enjoy traveling with us. Please feel free to comment as you'd like. We want to hear from all of you while we are on the road.