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Monday, February 28, 2011

End of Another Month

Well, I saw February out with a bang! Very busy Monday for me. I went to Curves and did an hour of Zumba. It really kicked my butt this morning. I'm thinking the heavy humidity just zapped me. It got really hot in the club and hit me hard. But, I persevered and did most of the second session.

Back at home I grabbed a much needed shower and then worked on the grocery list and menus for next month. Randy did his usual chores and watched TV.

This afternoon I went to a craft session to make the second part of Reagan's Easter present. I love how it came out! Can't wait 'til she gets it. I think she's really going to like it.

This evening I went to Bible study. We started a new study this week – Beth Moore's Revelation study. She is such a good teacher. Prophecy is not my strong suit, but I'm sure I will learn much from her.

Well, I'm done for the night. After getting very little sleep last night (not sure why, just couldn't sleep), my eyelids are starting to droop. And it's another busy day tomorrow.

Until the next time . . .

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Saturday, Busy Sunday

Yesterday was just about perfect. I got the laundry done and out of the way early in the morning which left the rest of the day to do as we pleased.

And what did we please, you might ask? A whole lotta nothing! :) The weather again was beautiful (somehow I never get tired of writing that!) so I spent some time outside on the patio, in my lounge chair. I cross stitched and read. Randy was in his recliner inside doing whatever it is he does while I'm outside.

Just a nice, relaxing, do nothing day. Love those.

This morning we had a little glitch before we left for church. The faucet in the shower would turn off. Oh, the knobs were tightly shut, but the hot water continued to stream out of the faucet. Nice, huh? Randy had to shut off the water outside. Thankfully we had some jugs filled with water so we could finish getting ready for church. Obviously a trip to Camping World was in our immediate future.

We left for church about 9:30. Today was Covenant Women Sunday at church, where the women take over all aspects of the service. I was privileged to sing a duet of “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” with Yvonne Leigh.

A duet with Yvonne Leigh at Covenant Church

From the comments we received, people enjoyed it. It's always an honor to be asked to sing, especially for the Lord. I just pray that God was happy with it. :)

After the service, I did a quick change into capri jeans and a T-shirt, our Pickers “uniform.” We headed to Bay Minette, about 45 minutes north of us, for a gig at First Baptist Church. The Pickers were the entertainment for a senior women's luncheon. This is our second year of playing for them. It's a fun gig and they feed us really well!

Since we were finished at 2pm, we were able to stop at Camping World on the way home instead of waiting until tomorrow morning as we thought we might have to do. We picked up a faucet set and when we got home, Randy set to replacing the old one with the new. Didn't take him long and we had water again! So grateful for modern conveniences!! :)

Our last event of the day was a potluck dinner with Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy at D&J's place. I was so glad we were able to do this because Mike & Peggy are leaving us on Tuesday. We're not happy about it, but they need to move on. They're heading west to Tucson. Could a little jealousy be rearing its ugly head?? US? Never! :)

As usual, the six of us had a good time. And if those in government were listening in, all of their problems would have been solved! Or at least, we thought we had good ideas.

All too soon it was time to say good night. I'll get one more time with Peggy tomorrow during a craft session, but it was hugs and see ya laters with Mike. We will see them in June, though, when Randy & I go to Maine for a few days.

That's it. What a weekend. One day of total relaxation and another filled with God, music & friends. Yeah, we got the life.

Until the next time . . .

Friday, February 25, 2011


What a great day we had! Up early, I was at Curves at 6:45am. So, I got my exercise in before the day full of play ahead.

About 10am Dick, Pat, Randy & I piled into our truck for a drive. After such an ugly day yesterday, I wasn't sure we were going to have a very good day for our outing. We had some rain during the night, but woke to a beautiful morning. And the day just got better and better. At one point, I glanced at the thermometer and it was 73* and not even noon!! LOVE IT!

Anyway, we drove south, then east into Florida. We drove through the Gulf Shores National Seashore where we saw lots of folks out on the beach; fishing, walking, and just sitting. The waves of the Gulf were pounding the beach. It was beautiful.

Gulf of Mexico, Natl Seashore, FLGulf Shore Natl Seashore, FL

Then we stopped and looked out over Perdido Bay. What a difference – the water was calm and peaceful. And just as beautiful as the waves.

Perdido Bay, FLP1130087

From the park, we headed back toward home, stopping at Hazel's for lunch. They had a special going for their lunch buffet; just $5.99. Pretty good deal. All four of us enjoyed our meals.

Once we got home, we just chilled for a couple of hours, watching TV and I grabbed a short nap while Randy grabbed a shower.

This evening we went to Jim & Susan's for another fish fry. Another couple, Alan & Judy, joined us. Judy attends Bible study with me on Monday nights. The guys fried fish, french fries and hush puppies outside in a deep fryer while Susan was busy inside getting the rest of dinner ready. Judy & I kept Susan company. :)

We had a great time. The food was good; we also had baked beans and cole slaw, a real feast.

Randy, Alan, & Jim enjoying the fish fryJudy & Susan

After dinner Jim & Alan shared lots of stories about their childhood antics and the trouble they got into. All of us were howling. Let me tell you – they were some kind of mischievous kids!

Randy & I have been so blessed with the friends we have made since we've been on the road. And if I can't be back home on the East Coast, there isn't another place I'd rather be than here in Lower Alabama. It truly has become our second home.

Hope your weekend is off to a good start! Until the next time . . .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Easy-going Days

Yesterday was very laid back. I went to Curves, did one 30 minute Zumba session and came home.

Randy & I settled into our recliners and just hung out at home. Watched TV, computered, and I cross stitched.

Like I said – a very laid back day.

This morning we got ourselves out the door about 8:30 and headed to Fairhope for a music session with the Pickers. On the way, we made a quick stop at WalMart to drop off prescription refills.

We had a good time playing music. The last Thursday of each month is “open stage” where folks can perform something if they wish. I've worked a bit on “Shenandoah” so I decided to perform that. It was received really well. I think I'm going to work on it some more and play it at our festival that's coming up. It's such a beautiful song.

After music, we stopped by WalMart to pick up the prescriptions and a few grocery items. Then, it was home.

I attended a craft class this afternoon at the clubhouse. Can't share what we made because it's one half of our Easter present for Reagan. :) I'll be making the other half on Monday. I'm so excited 'cause I think she's really going to like it.

We had meatloaf, salad and cheese garlic biscuits for dinner. And that's it for today.

Tomorrow we getting out and taking a drive with Dick & Pat. Heading toward Florida, just to see what we can see. :)

Until the next time . . .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuneful Tuesday

Another day filled with music for us.

This morning I spent three hours playing with Jam N Folks. Afterward, Pat & I ran some errands, including the requisite stop at WalMart. :)

Randy & I both grabbed a short nap this afternoon.

We met Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy at Big Daddy's for dinner. As usual, good food and good fun was had by all.

After dinner, the six of us headed to Fairhope for the Baldwin Pops concert. Randy looked so very handsome in his faux tux. :) The concert was very good, as always. I took a couple of pictures. Sorry they are so dark.

Pops concert Feb2011 P1130078

Looking forward to having nothing to do tomorrow. :)

Until the next time . . .

Monday, February 21, 2011

Musical Monday

I was slow moving this morning; didn't get to sleep until about 2:30. Ugh. I hate that. Tossing and turning and trying to get to sleep. I will usually only do that for about a half hour, then I get up and go watch TV in the living room. Trying to get to sleep is just too frustrating.

Anyway, I finally got myself out the door about 8:30 to go Zumba at Curves. I only attended one session, though. I just didn't feel that great. But 30 minutes is better than nothing. Right? :)

At home Randy & I settled into our normal routine. Being able to have the door and windows wide open sure does make the routine even nicer! It was very windy today; what I call a Winnie-the-Pooh kind of day – blustery. So, no hanging outside in the lounge chair for me today.

This evening Randy & I had a gig with the Pickers. We played for a local church's spaghetti dinner. They fed us and then we played for a couple of hours. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music.

Pickers gig at Gulf Shores UMCP1130071P1130073

Tomorrow the Baldwin Pops have a concert so we'll be having another musical evening. But, I'll be in the audience this time while Randy plays.

Hope you're week is off to a good start. Until the next time . . .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can We Say Three???

Oh, yeah. That would be three days in a row of beautiful weather and relaxing days. Very nice.

Other than the fantastic weather, we had a very typical Sunday. Spent the morning at church and had a late breakfast at IHOP.

We spent the afternoon in our usual positions – me outside in my lounge chair, cross stitching and Randy inside in his recliner, watching TV. I also took my dulcimer outside for a bit and practiced a few songs.

This evening we joined at least 100 other folks at the clubhouse for the weekly ice cream social. We also feted Norm & Linda, a couple who do much around the clubhouse and the park to make it the success that its. The Chenilles made an appearance, singing a song especially written for Norm & Linda. Needless to say, much fun and laughter was had by all

We got an email today from our eldest, Ginny, with a picture of Tommy, our grandson, attached. Finally!! I bug Ginny all the time about getting us pictures of Tommy because I want to show him off. Well, I know it's been a year since we've seen him, and he's going to be 13 years old next month, but oh my! He is no longer a little boy – he's really growing up. And such a cutie!


Looking forward to more great weather this week, as well as a couple of music gigs, and lots of relaxation. :)

Until the next time . . .

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two in a Row

Okay, I can really get used to these kind of days! Nothing on the “have to” list, beautiful sunshiny weather, with temps in the 70s. Yeah, keep 'em comin'!

I did get laundry done early this morning, then came home for coffee and computer time. I spent some time outside on the patio, cross stitching.

Randy & I did spend some time cleaning, in preparation for having Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy over for dinner. Once that was done, Randy watched some TV while I went back outside to enjoy the sun and continue working on my cross stitch project.

I gotta tell you; it is absolute heaven to be able to sit in my lounge chair outside, in 70 degree weather with no need to be anywhere else. The peace that overcomes me during these times is so precious. I love feeling the sun on my face and hearing the birds in the trees.

This evening Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy came for dinner.

Mike & PeggyP1130068

Darrell & JudyP1130069

We had baked ziti, salad and garlic bread and lots of great conversation. Randy and I really enjoy our time with these folks. Very comfortable, and easy to be with; doesn't get much better than that.

Yeah, another great day.

Until the next time . . .

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Fabulous Day

Absolutely fabulous – the weather, no headache, a little time with friends – just fabulous.

Did I tell you today was fabulous??? :)

I blew off Curves today which is pretty unusual for me. But, I just felt like playing today. So, I went over to the clubhouse to join a beading class. Judy was going and our friend, Ruth, was teaching the class how to make snowman earrings. Very cute. With much help from Ron & Ruth, I made a pair. Not something I'd do again, though. Working with the wire is just too frustrating. But now I've got one Christmas present for Reagan! :)

I sat outside for a bit, working on my cross stitch project. Then I grabbed some lunch. After that I joined The Chenilles to rehearse for a performance we'll be giving on Sunday after the ice cream social.

Back home, I set myself back in my lounge chair outside, and cross stitched some more. The weather is just too darn gorgeous to stay inside. I also walked over to Darrell & Judy's for a bit. They, along with Mike & Peggy, were enjoying the weather, too.

Randy spent most of his day with his computer and TV, as is his routine. He did go over to the clubhouse to his psaltery group. I'm so glad he's still doing that. It's fun for us to play music together.

We're looking forward to more great weather this weekend. Lovin' it!

Until the next time . . .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Riviera Ramblers

Randy and I went to Pickers music session this morning. It was a good session, but we left at the halfway break. We needed to go to WalMart to pick up a few things and I had a gig this afternoon, so I wanted to have some down time at home before I needed to leave.

So, we got our groceries and went home. After getting some lunch, I plopped myself outside in the my lounge chair to enjoy the sunshine for a bit. Randy settled in his recliner inside and watched TV.

About 2:15, Bob picked me up for our gig at Live Oak Nursing Home. I found out that our group actually has a name! I didn't know that. It's Riviera Ramblers. Not sure where it comes from 'cause the group was already named when I joined. But, it's nice to have something to call us. :)

Just before we began playing, I got one of the directors to grab a picture of us. Pam is not pictured because she was attending a hammered dulcimer workshop and couldn't join us today.

Riviera Ramblers

We had a good time performing for the folks. I just love it. They are so appreciative and it's fun to perform songs they know and can sing along with. Looks like we've got a regular gig with them now, too. Every other Thursday. Pretty cool.

This evening Randy & I splurged and got dinner at Checkers. Haven't had their burgers and fries for a long time, since last year, I think. The burgers were pretty good, but I think they are smaller than they used to be. Oh, well. That's probably better in the long run. :)

Not much else going on. Until the next time . . .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things are Looking Up

Oh, to wake up with NO headache!! What joy. :) And this headachelessness (like that word?) has lasted ALL day. I feel like Jennifer Beals, about to break into song: “What a Feelin'!!” :)

Okay, enough of that.

Just a typical Wednesday here. Started the day with my quiet time and prayer, then I went to Curves and Zumba'd for an hour. Came home, grabbed a shower, finished reading the blogs I didn't get to before I left for Curves and then settled in for a couple of hours of cross stitching.

Randy was a trooper and finally put the awning out for me. I don't know what it is about having the awning out, but it just makes the RV homier. I know, it probably doesn't make sense, but there it is. I love having the awning out, complete with a string of lights.

Once Randy was done with that, I plunked myself down in my recliner and read for a bit. The weather is just STUpendous.

Dinner tonight was spinach quesadillas. And it's a Criminal Minds TV night! A pretty good day, I'd say.

Until the next time . . .

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Day Catch-up

While yesterday was Valentine's Day, it was really just another Monday for us. Randy and I don't “do” Valentine's Day, really. We wish each other a “Happy Valentine's Day!” and that's about it. I know. We're boring. But, it works for us. I could be sappy and say every day is Valentine's Day, but then you'd be gagging and heaving and not be able to finish reading this post. I don't want to put you through that! :)

So, I went to Curves in the morning and Bible study in the evening as is the usual routine for me on Mondays. I also continued to carry around a headache. That's the reason I didn't post a blog entry last night; I just didn't feel up to it.

The rest of our Monday was spent in the usual fashion, with TV and computers. But, we did get to add open windows and door to the mix! The weather has turned to fantastic temps and lots of sunshine. I spent a little bit outside in the lounge chair. So nice.

Last night was rough for me. While Randy slept soundly – very soundly (read snoring), I just couldn't get to sleep. My head was pounding all night. I finally went down to the couch and settled in, going to sleep eventually.

Unfortunately, the headache was still with me this morning. So, I just stayed home, didn't go to music. I spent the day relaxing; reading and cross stitching as I felt able. I did get outside for a bit again, but the glare of the sun was just too much after awhile.

Randy was busy cleaning and straightening up while I was doing not much of anything.

Leftovers for dinner last night and tonight we had sweet and sour chicken with rice.

Randy's off to Pops rehearsal and I'm just chillin'. The headache seems to have faded at this point. I'm praying it doesn't return!

Until the next time . . .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here’s to Good Friends . . .

Such a good day we've had! Started out with beautiful sunshine and just kept getting warmer. It was in the mid-60s at its warmest. Yum.

Good morning at church. Then home to relax outside in the sun. I still had my headache so I just snuggled under a blanket outside in my lounge chair for a couple of hours. Randy relaxed inside in his recliner in front of the TV.

We got together for dinner with Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy at M & P's place for Mike's Maineiac Gumbo. Boy, was it good! Peggy added salad and bread to complete the meal.

I gotta tell you. The six of us have a good time whenever we get together. There is much laughter and camaraderie. But,there's also an underlying feeling of family. You know that feeling that you have when you just know you're with folks who have your back? Well, that's how I feel with these people. And what a wonderful feeling it is.

Randy & I have been blessed to have made real friends during our time on the road. I use “friends” very carefully. We have been able to grow relationships with people who will be part of our lives for the rest of our lives. I am grateful for that because I know not everyone is as fortunate.

So, thanks, Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy for being our friends. We love you guys!

Until the next time . . .

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saturdays. They aren't the same as they were before we retired. Saturday was the day you looked forward to all week; it was THE down day. Now? It's just another day. Don't get me wrong – I love being retired, but sometimes I miss the anticipation of Saturday. Anybody else get that? Or is it just me?

So. For me, Saturday started at 6:30 this morning with another headache. But, I got myself up, dressed and out to the laundry. My usual routine. Randy is always so kind and brings me coffee when he walks Blackie. So, while my laundry was washing and drying, I enjoyed a nice, hot cup of coffee and a Mary Higgins Clark book.

After the laundry was done, I made us a breakfast of sausage biscuits. Just love them. And yes, I know they're not good for you! :)

My headache refused to go away, so I continued to ignore it. I worked on my cross stitch project, watched some DVR'd shows and just hung out in my recliner. Randy was in and out; spending some time next door checking out the house next door that Bob & Pam are buying.

This evening we had an early Valentine's Day celebration. Well, kinda. Each year in February, our church puts on a fundraising dinner for its summer Bible School program. Since it falls near Valentine's Day, it is called a Valentine's Day Banquet. This year's theme was a '50s diner.

Valentine's Banquet at Silverhill Church P1130053 Everyone's mingling

We  had hamburgers, fries, and lots of desserts. Members shared their various talents. And folks were encouraged to find their “inner '50s persona” and dress up. Randy wore jeans and a polo shirt. I wore rolled up capri jeans, a tee shirt, jean jacket and socks and tennies. We had a pretty good time.

Now we're home and settled in for the night. My headache has decided it likes it here and seems to be settled in as well. Oh, well. It will pass eventually.

Our weather is looking up. It was in the 60s today and we had the windows and door open for much of the afternoon. Looking even better for tomorrow! So very nice.

Hope your weekend is going well! Until the next time . . .

Friday, February 11, 2011

More Music

We had sunshine today! It was a chilly start to the day, just 30* when we got up a little past 6:30 this morning. But, the sun was soon up and the day warmed up to the mid-50s by the afternoon. And the temps are supposed to continue to rise over the next few days. YAY!

While I exercised at Curves this morning, Randy took a propane tank to get filled.

Back home I got started on a cross stitch project while we watched TV. I'm liking American Idol and its new judges this year. Didn't think I'd would, but I really do. (Don't judge me!)

After lunch I got ready to go to another music session. At this rate, between Randy & I, there's soon to be music every day of the week! Not that that's a bad thing. :)

Anyway, the group with whom I played at the nursing home a couple of weeks ago got together this afternoon to practice for our repeat performance next Thursday. Yes, we've been asked back! Our group has added two more people, so we are nine strong now. So much fun. And we are putting together quite a repertoire. We'll be playing some old gospel tunes, blue grass, and traditional tunes. And I'm getting to sing a bit as well.

While I was gone, Randy was home taking care of business. :) He vacuumed, stripped the bed and remade it, and did whatever else he does when I'm not home. Such a great guy. I am very blessed to have him as my husband and best friend.

Dinner tonight was hamburger taco pie, one of Randy's favorites. Our evening festivities will be the usual – computer, TV and vegging in the recliners.

Until the next time . . .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a Regular Day

Even though the weather has turned cold again, we braved it to go to music this morning. :) We also stopped by the local Social Security office so that Randy could apply for a replacement card. Not sure what happened to his other one, but can't find it anywhere. We then went to the library so I could renew a couple of books.

We had also planned to go to the historical museum in Fairhope to hear some friends play. They've been playing there for several weeks and this was the last week for awhile so we wanted to hear them. However, they didn't plan until 2pm and, even with eating lunch, we were done with our errands at noon. It was just too bitter cold to try to kill two hours in town, so we came home instead.

For lunch, we went to a new place for us – Panini Pete's. We've heard about it and it was even featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. The restaurant is located in the French Quarter area of Fairhope. We both ordered a muffaletta panini and we were NOT disappointed! Randy & I first ate muffaletta sandwiches in New Orleans and absolutely loved them. The panini version was almost as good as the original. Yummy. We will go back.

The rest of our day was the norm – TV, napping, dinner and more TV. Yep, it's exciting.

Until the next time . . .

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Less Hectic

I started the morning having a great conversation with our eldest, Ginny, via Facebook chat. We just don't do that often enough. She, Chuck and Tommy are doing well. Gosh, it's so hard to believe our grandson, Tommy, is going to be 12 years old next month!

The rest of the morning was spent in the usual fashion – me with an hour at Curves and then back home; Randy at home doing his normal routine.

This afternoon I met with Yvonne, with whom I'm going to sing a duet at church on February 27. That Sunday is Covenant Women Sunday at church and the women lead the entire worship service, from music to message. I'm excited, but a little nervous, too. I haven't sung in church in a very long time. But, God's giving me another opportunity to serve Him and I hope this pleases Him.

Then Randy & I spent the rest of the afternoon in front of the TV. I also updated our finances which catching up on some shows.

We had dinner once again with Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy. But, this time we went to Big Daddy's. Mike has been hankering for some of their blackened shrimp, so off we all went. We couldn't have him satisfy that need by himself!!

During dinner the conversation turned to plans for the summer. Darrell & Judy will be spending several weeks in Maine; first workamping and then visiting family and friends. Of course, Mike & Peggy live in Maine. They were teasing us about coming to Maine for a visit. We have no plans for travel this summer due to financial constraints and they know that – they were just playing.

And THEN . . .

Mike and Peggy invited us to come and stay with them at their house for a few days!!! Is that so very cool or what?!?!?? We told them to talk it over by themselves and let us know if they really wanted us to come. (Sometimes we shout things out in impulse and regret it later. I've heard of that happening – I've never done it, of course!:) But, no, they reiterated the invitation, saying they'd really like us to come. Such good friends. I'm a little overwhelmed with their generosity. We are blessed beyond measure with the people God has brought into our lives.

So, we'll be making some plans to take a short little sojourn to Maine this summer. I'm so excited!

Now, Randy and I are watching TV and listening to the rain on the roof. Yes, the rain is back. I know our friends, Jim & Susan, will be happy. But, me? Not so much. I'm a bit tired of the damp, chilly weather.

And yes, I know it's not as bad as the Midwest and East Coast. But, hey, that's why I'm not there!!

Until the next time . . .

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Another Busy Day

I am on a roll! Two productive days in a row. What is up with that?? :)

This morning was music for three hours. We played lots of different songs and had a good time. This is a great group of musicians who are up for most anything.

I also found out that we have been invited back to Live Oak Nursing Home. They would like us to come on a regular basis. Isn't that cool! So, now we've got to have a couple of rehearsals so we can smooth out the performance a bit. But, I am excited to be able to do this for these folks.

From music I met Susan for lunch at Cracker Barrel. We both needed to go to Michael's and CB just happens to be right there, too. Isn't that convenient. :) We had a good lunch (is there any other kind at CB??) and even better conversation.

I was successful at Michael's, finding some good buys. Susan also found bargains. So, we were both happy shoppers.

While I was out, Randy enjoyed a quiet day at home. I think he really enjoys those!

This evening we had dinner with Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy. This was a “travel day” dinner as Mike & Peggy have just arrived at the Plantation. It was so good to see them. As usual, we had a fun time together. Looking forward to more!

And I MUST remember the camera! It's been forever since I've taken pictures and posted them on the blog. Sorry, folks.

Randy's out tonight at Pops rehearsal. So, I'm getting some quiet time today, too. :)

Until the next time . . .

Monday, February 07, 2011

Just Another Monday

I did add a couple of things to my Monday morning. I went to Curves and Zumba'd for an hour, then dropped off Randy's computer to be repaired. (Its fan has stopped working.) I dropped Valentine packages off at the post office, then went for a mani/pedi. That's a busy morning for me!

While I was running around, Randy was home doing his usual chores. So grateful for him.

This evening I went to Bible study.

When I got home, we had dinner. I had made crockpot taco soup for the first time. It was pretty good. It's really like a chili but with corn and taco seasoning. Randy liked it a lot.

A good start to the week. Until the next time . . .

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Just What a Sunday Should Be

Gorgeous sunshine all day, good worship service; very enjoyable lunch with friends; short afternoon nap; and football.

Yep. Just like it should be. :)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

It Happened – Really, It Did!!

Woke up this morning to silence! NO rain. :) Such a nice sound.

Got myself moving and over to the laundry room. Had two loads going before 7am. I was all done and back home by 8:30. I love getting it over with first thing.

I also called Judy & Pat and we planned a potluck dinner at our place.

I spent the morning organizing paperwork so I can do our taxes. Doesn't take much since we have no deductions. Then I put together packages for the kids' Valentine presents. While I was doing that, Randy was doing his chores.

We spent the afternoon watching TV. And the sun came out and shined in our windows!! Yes, it really did. It was a beautiful sight! :)

Dinner was great! Pat brought chili, Judy brought a green salad and I made mac & cheese. It was a nice evening of good food and good friends. We love spending time with these folks.

Until the next time . . .

Friday, February 04, 2011

Is It Really Over??

I'm not sure I believe it. Yet. Sure, the rain has stopped and the clouds are moving out, but I'll believe there's a sun in the sky when I see it. But, right now, the forecast is for sunnier skies tomorrow. I sure am prayin' for that! So very tired of being damp and cold.

Not much to report here. We did venture out for about an hour. I went to Curves while Randy got a propane tank filled. We headed home after that. And have been hunkered down inside since.

Poor Randy had to drain tanks today – in this ugly, wet weather. I felt so bad for him. But, he is such a trooper. He never complains, just gets it done.

Dinner was Italian chicken with green beans and cheddar garlic biscuits.

That's it! Until the next time . . .

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Feeling Sluggish

Gosh, this weather just doesn't do anything to motivate me to do ANYthing!! Today is a music day. But, I fully expected to wake up to a nasty, rainy day so I'd kinda set my mind that I wasn't going out this morning. And during the night, I heard it pouring, so that only confirmed my feelings.

Well, of course, the rain never happened. Oh, it sprinkled a bit, but nothing like was predicted. Just bitter wind and cold. Unfortunately, by the time we realized the morning was just going to overcast versus rainy, I was not in the mood to go out. Good excuse, huh?

So, Randy & I spent the morning being slugs. Watching TV, computering, reading. Oh! I did do some of my Bible study lesson. That's productive.

However, I did go out this afternoon. I had committed to playing with a few others at a senior citizens home in Foley, which is the next town south of us. I love going to nursing homes/senior citizens homes. I feel privileged to visit with them and provide some entertainment. There were seven of us playing and singing for about an hour. I would love to go back sometime. Hopefully, they enjoyed it as well and will ask us to return.

Once I got home, we got back to TV, computers and vegging. :) I'm so glad Randy & I veg together so well.

Tomorrow's weather isn't looking so great, either. As I was writing this, it started raining. Ugh. Sorry to talk so much about the weather, but it's the main focus around here right now. Of course, our weather certainly isn't as bad as those in the East and Midwest are experiencing. In Kansas, where Kevin is, had minus double digits last night!!! That's a triple UGH!!

So, we'll see if we get out the door tomorrow. But, we do need a propane tank filled, so I guess we'll get out at some point. Gotta keep the heat going.

Until the next time . . .

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Big Weather Changes

Well, we enjoyed our 60 and 70 degree temps while they lasted. Unfortunately, they didn't last long enough!! :) It's back to low 30s at night and 40s during the day. AND WINDY!!

Yesterday was our first-of-the-month errand day. Normally on Tuesdays, you'll find me at music in the morning and Randy at night. But, I played hooky yesterday morning so we could run our errands.

We started the morning at Foley Coffeeshop, getting fortified for the day ahead. Once we'd had our breakfast, we headed east to Florida to go to the bank and grocery. Because of the difference in taxes in Florida, we save money by doing our big grocery run there.

Our afternoon was spent keeping warm and watching TV.

In the evening, a wild rainstorm came in, complete with lightning. Randy opted to forgo Pops rehearsal since it was so dang nasty outside. I thought it was a good call. :)

Today was laid back as usual on Wednesdays. I spent my hour in the morning Zumba-ing at Curves, while Randy hung out at home. Pat called and asked us to join them for an early dinner at a diner she'd been told about, so we made plans to do that.

About 3pm, Dick & Pat and Randy & I headed to DJ's Diner, about a half north of us. Pat had been told they have the best burgers around. I'm not usually a burger fan, but I figured they'd have to have something else on the menu, right?

Well, I ended up with a burger like the others. There was a mushroom and swiss burger on the menu and that's a favorite of mine. Randy & Dick got a Tex-Mex burger and Pat got the Big Bopper which is a deep fried burger. All of us were very pleased with our choices. It's definitely a place we'd go back to. But, not very often – it's not cardiology-friendly!! :))

Now, we're home and listening to the wind howl. Ugh. But, I'm not gonna complain when my son in Kansas is going to experience -10 as his low!!

Until the next time . . .