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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Big Weather Changes

Well, we enjoyed our 60 and 70 degree temps while they lasted. Unfortunately, they didn't last long enough!! :) It's back to low 30s at night and 40s during the day. AND WINDY!!

Yesterday was our first-of-the-month errand day. Normally on Tuesdays, you'll find me at music in the morning and Randy at night. But, I played hooky yesterday morning so we could run our errands.

We started the morning at Foley Coffeeshop, getting fortified for the day ahead. Once we'd had our breakfast, we headed east to Florida to go to the bank and grocery. Because of the difference in taxes in Florida, we save money by doing our big grocery run there.

Our afternoon was spent keeping warm and watching TV.

In the evening, a wild rainstorm came in, complete with lightning. Randy opted to forgo Pops rehearsal since it was so dang nasty outside. I thought it was a good call. :)

Today was laid back as usual on Wednesdays. I spent my hour in the morning Zumba-ing at Curves, while Randy hung out at home. Pat called and asked us to join them for an early dinner at a diner she'd been told about, so we made plans to do that.

About 3pm, Dick & Pat and Randy & I headed to DJ's Diner, about a half north of us. Pat had been told they have the best burgers around. I'm not usually a burger fan, but I figured they'd have to have something else on the menu, right?

Well, I ended up with a burger like the others. There was a mushroom and swiss burger on the menu and that's a favorite of mine. Randy & Dick got a Tex-Mex burger and Pat got the Big Bopper which is a deep fried burger. All of us were very pleased with our choices. It's definitely a place we'd go back to. But, not very often – it's not cardiology-friendly!! :))

Now, we're home and listening to the wind howl. Ugh. But, I'm not gonna complain when my son in Kansas is going to experience -10 as his low!!

Until the next time . . .


  1. I'm curious. I was looking at your map and I see You were in PA & NJ but not NY. Missed CONN, but were in MAS & ME, but not NH or VT. Does your RV have wings? If so were did you get it, cause I want one!

  2. Those burgers really sound good. I don't know what your answer to Bob was, but I don't count a State unless I have stayed there in the RV. Just passing through doesn't count for us anyway. Stay warm.