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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Feeling Sluggish

Gosh, this weather just doesn't do anything to motivate me to do ANYthing!! Today is a music day. But, I fully expected to wake up to a nasty, rainy day so I'd kinda set my mind that I wasn't going out this morning. And during the night, I heard it pouring, so that only confirmed my feelings.

Well, of course, the rain never happened. Oh, it sprinkled a bit, but nothing like was predicted. Just bitter wind and cold. Unfortunately, by the time we realized the morning was just going to overcast versus rainy, I was not in the mood to go out. Good excuse, huh?

So, Randy & I spent the morning being slugs. Watching TV, computering, reading. Oh! I did do some of my Bible study lesson. That's productive.

However, I did go out this afternoon. I had committed to playing with a few others at a senior citizens home in Foley, which is the next town south of us. I love going to nursing homes/senior citizens homes. I feel privileged to visit with them and provide some entertainment. There were seven of us playing and singing for about an hour. I would love to go back sometime. Hopefully, they enjoyed it as well and will ask us to return.

Once I got home, we got back to TV, computers and vegging. :) I'm so glad Randy & I veg together so well.

Tomorrow's weather isn't looking so great, either. As I was writing this, it started raining. Ugh. Sorry to talk so much about the weather, but it's the main focus around here right now. Of course, our weather certainly isn't as bad as those in the East and Midwest are experiencing. In Kansas, where Kevin is, had minus double digits last night!!! That's a triple UGH!!

So, we'll see if we get out the door tomorrow. But, we do need a propane tank filled, so I guess we'll get out at some point. Gotta keep the heat going.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. It is 41* here right now, but supposed to get cold again tonight. I am ready for spring, or at least spring weather.