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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Saturday, Busy Sunday

Yesterday was just about perfect. I got the laundry done and out of the way early in the morning which left the rest of the day to do as we pleased.

And what did we please, you might ask? A whole lotta nothing! :) The weather again was beautiful (somehow I never get tired of writing that!) so I spent some time outside on the patio, in my lounge chair. I cross stitched and read. Randy was in his recliner inside doing whatever it is he does while I'm outside.

Just a nice, relaxing, do nothing day. Love those.

This morning we had a little glitch before we left for church. The faucet in the shower would turn off. Oh, the knobs were tightly shut, but the hot water continued to stream out of the faucet. Nice, huh? Randy had to shut off the water outside. Thankfully we had some jugs filled with water so we could finish getting ready for church. Obviously a trip to Camping World was in our immediate future.

We left for church about 9:30. Today was Covenant Women Sunday at church, where the women take over all aspects of the service. I was privileged to sing a duet of “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” with Yvonne Leigh.

A duet with Yvonne Leigh at Covenant Church

From the comments we received, people enjoyed it. It's always an honor to be asked to sing, especially for the Lord. I just pray that God was happy with it. :)

After the service, I did a quick change into capri jeans and a T-shirt, our Pickers “uniform.” We headed to Bay Minette, about 45 minutes north of us, for a gig at First Baptist Church. The Pickers were the entertainment for a senior women's luncheon. This is our second year of playing for them. It's a fun gig and they feed us really well!

Since we were finished at 2pm, we were able to stop at Camping World on the way home instead of waiting until tomorrow morning as we thought we might have to do. We picked up a faucet set and when we got home, Randy set to replacing the old one with the new. Didn't take him long and we had water again! So grateful for modern conveniences!! :)

Our last event of the day was a potluck dinner with Darrell & Judy and Mike & Peggy at D&J's place. I was so glad we were able to do this because Mike & Peggy are leaving us on Tuesday. We're not happy about it, but they need to move on. They're heading west to Tucson. Could a little jealousy be rearing its ugly head?? US? Never! :)

As usual, the six of us had a good time. And if those in government were listening in, all of their problems would have been solved! Or at least, we thought we had good ideas.

All too soon it was time to say good night. I'll get one more time with Peggy tomorrow during a craft session, but it was hugs and see ya laters with Mike. We will see them in June, though, when Randy & I go to Maine for a few days.

That's it. What a weekend. One day of total relaxation and another filled with God, music & friends. Yeah, we got the life.

Until the next time . . .

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