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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Fabulous Day

Absolutely fabulous – the weather, no headache, a little time with friends – just fabulous.

Did I tell you today was fabulous??? :)

I blew off Curves today which is pretty unusual for me. But, I just felt like playing today. So, I went over to the clubhouse to join a beading class. Judy was going and our friend, Ruth, was teaching the class how to make snowman earrings. Very cute. With much help from Ron & Ruth, I made a pair. Not something I'd do again, though. Working with the wire is just too frustrating. But now I've got one Christmas present for Reagan! :)

I sat outside for a bit, working on my cross stitch project. Then I grabbed some lunch. After that I joined The Chenilles to rehearse for a performance we'll be giving on Sunday after the ice cream social.

Back home, I set myself back in my lounge chair outside, and cross stitched some more. The weather is just too darn gorgeous to stay inside. I also walked over to Darrell & Judy's for a bit. They, along with Mike & Peggy, were enjoying the weather, too.

Randy spent most of his day with his computer and TV, as is his routine. He did go over to the clubhouse to his psaltery group. I'm so glad he's still doing that. It's fun for us to play music together.

We're looking forward to more great weather this weekend. Lovin' it!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Lindsay7:13 AM

    YAY!! A Christmas present for Reagan - FUN! :)

  2. You need to share a picture of the snowmen you made.