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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of Another Month!

The first quarter of 2010 will be history in less than four hours. Wow.  And it looks like Spring has finally come to lower Alabama. YAY!

Today wasn’t much more productive than yesterday. :) I went to Curves first thing this morning, then came home to grab a shower and a couple cups of coffee, and caught up on the blogs and Facebook.

The weather has become gorgeous, temps in the 70s with a gentle breeze. And Randy put the awning out!! Yes, I know that seems a goofy thing to get excited about, but I like having the awning out. This winter we’ve not had it out much at all due to how windy it’s been. So, I was excited to see Randy outside setting it up. :)

And I got myself out there. I took my cross stitch project, my phone, a glass of iced tea and settled myself in my lounge chair under the awning. Sooooo  nice. I spent a couple of hours out there. It was fantastic.

This evening we went to a viewing. The brother-in-law of one of the women in my Bible study died and the viewing was this evening. We just stopped by long enough to let Paula know we were there.

After the viewing, we drove home via the scenic route through Fairhope and Point Clear, looking for somewhere to get dinner. We ended up at Wintzell’s, a seafood restaurant. We’ve eaten at the one in Spanish Fort so we knew we’d get a good meal. I got blackened shrimp and Randy got a crab omelet po’ boy. Both were good. We even splurged and got dessert! Randy got peach cobbler which he wasn’t thrilled with, but my bread pudding was scrumptious! It was such a huge serving that I couldn’t finish it, but Randy had no trouble helping me out. :)

Now we’re home and settled in our recliners. Tomorrow will be busy – Pickers jam, and first-of-the-month grocery run. We’re gonna wait until Friday to go to the bank. I know! Such a break from the routine! :)

Until the next time . . .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nuttin’, Honey

That’s what I told Randy I was going to do today. And that’s pretty much what I did. Usually, Tuesday is a music day, but I had decided yesterday that I wasn’t going. I just needed a do-nothing day, and that’s what I got. :) I even slept ‘til almost 7:30am!!

When I finally got up, I threw on some grubby clothes and settled myself in the recliner with a cup of coffee and began reading blogs and catching up on Facebook. Once I was all caught up on my blogging and FB buddies, I talked to Lins & Reagan on the phone for a bit. They had been to NYC for the weekend and I got the scoop on that visit. It is so much fun to hear about life from Reagan’s point of view! :)

The most productive thing I did was write Easter cards and get them in the mail. And there were 15 of them, so I think that counts as productive, don’t you? :)

For the rest of the day, Randy & I just watched some DVR’d programs as well as some of the HBO John Adams series we borrowed from Darrell & Judy.

We were really bad – today was simply gorgeous, weather-wise and we were inside most of the day. We should have been outside enjoying the sunshine. Oh, well. I’m sure we’ll get out there another day.

That’s it. Now I need to write my March letter to Reagan. Hope you’re having a good week, wherever you may be!

Until the next time . . .

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tired, but Still Moving

Ugh, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I woke up later than usual, about 7:15, with a lingering headache from yesterday. Guess I just can’t handle busy weekends any more! :) But, I pushed and got myself out the door to Curves. Didn’t make me feel any more energetic, but at least I went.

At home, I got my shower which made me feel a bit more human. Then, I got my first cup of coffee. Aaaaahhhh! After another cup of coffee, time on the computer and some breakfast, I was finally ready to do the errands I needed to do today. I still wasn’t thrilled with having to function much, but things needed to be done.

While I was out running errands, Randy was home getting ready for the RV repairman from Peterson’s RV to arrive. The electric switch to our water heater hasn’t worked since we got to Alabama and we’d finally gotten on the mobile repair schedule.

The repairman came about 2pm and fixed the switch. Randy also wanted him to look at one of our slides to be sure it was working properly, but he didn’t have the part he need to do so. He’ll be coming back. Randy really likes this RV garage; they do good work and have integrity. Since he was coming back to work on the slide next, he didn’t take payment for today! When does that ever happen?

I sat outside in the beautiful, 70* sunshine for awhile this afternoon. I even took a bit of a nap, I think. Then, it was time to go to Bible study.

Now we’re home, ready for our usual evening of computer, TV and recliners. Gotta love it!

Until the next time . . .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Very Musical Weekend

The annual Jubilee Pickers Festival was this weekend so we were very busy!

Friday was a fairly easy day because there were no scheduled events until the afternoon when several classes were held. These classes were taught by members of the Pickers: autoharp, penny whistle, and dulcimer chording. There may have been others, but I can’t remember them. For dinner, we had a great potluck. Then after dinner, there was a jam session that lasted for a few hours Randy and I left at 9:30pm and folks were still playing!

P1110363P1110364 P1110366

Saturday was a long day. I got to the festival venue about 8:40 as I was helping with registration and open stage sign up. I also took a class with Paul Andry, the professional dulcimer player who came to our festival to teach and give a concert.

The major part of Saturday at the festival is the Open Stage. Folks sign up to perform during the afternoon: clubs, groups and individuals. I was emcee for the day. :) In total, we had about 20 performances. Most performances consisted of 2 songs each and with a short break, Open Stage lasted about 3 hours. In between performances, as people were leaving and entering the stage, we had door prize giveaways. Ya gotta keep people’s attention! I had a great time emceeing the afternoon and helping keep everyone in good spirits. Some of the folks who performed were:

Jim Hayes, who is one of the Pickers’ leaders, and taught me much of what I’ve learned about the dulcimer.P1110372

Gayle & Kathy (Wildwood), I can listen to them ALL day!P1110376

And very inspiring is Jake – who is 90 years old! – still plays and travels on his own. Amazing.P1110378

After Open Stage, we had a red beans and rice dinner for everyone. Our club provided the meal as a thank you to those in attendance.P1110391

The evening ended with a concert by Paul and then more jamming. Randy & I left early, but it’s my understanding that the music went on until 11pm! These people are serious about their music. :)

Paul Andry in concertP1110392P1110393

This morning we ended the festival with a hymn service.We had a very small group attend, but it was a good service. I had the privilege of sharing a devotion  and we sang several hymns. It lasted about an hour and was very nice.

To top off the weekend, our Wednesday afternoon jam group played at the clubhouse tonight after the ice cream social. To say the least, it was a very musical weekend!! :)

Until the next time . . .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beginning of a Great Weekend

This morning the annual Jubilee Pickers festival began. We met at the festival location, Southwind RV Park, for our usual Thursday morning jam session. Lots of folks have already come in for the weekend so we had a larger-than-normal group. It was fun having new folks join us – they call songs we don’t normally play and it’s always fun to learn new songs.

I left early because Susan, one of my Bible study leaders, invited me to lunch at her home. She, along with a few other women, were going to work on place settings for the church’s women’s luncheon in May. There were five of us altogether and it was nice to be included. Susan served us a fabulous lunch; chicken salad, pasta salad, and a strawberry jello salad. All of it was so delicious. She said we were the taste testers as this was the menu for the women’s luncheon. Well, lemme tell you, those women are in for a treat!!

This evening we went to the clubhouse for the last dinner prepared by Larry Cameron. Larry and his wife, Babs, are leaving for Florida in a couple of days. They are some of the finest people I’ve ever met, always with a smile and a nice word for you. They are part of the reason Rainbow Plantation is so popular! We’ll miss them.

We’re gonna be busy starting tomorrow! The festival swings into high gear, with various classes, jam sessions, and general fun. There’s also a potluck dinner tomorrow night. Really looking forward to it all.

Until the next time . . .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News!


Our son, Kevin, is back in the States! He’ll only be here for a couple weeks while on R&R, but it is so nice to know that, at least for that period of time, he’s out of harm’s way. If you don’t know, Kev is deployed to Iraq and has been gone since late August. It was fabulous to see  his name come up on my phone this afternoon when he called to let us know he was home at Ft. Riley, KS. We won’t see him while he’s home this time because he has places he wants to go, but it sure warms my heart to know he’s on home soil. :)

The rest of our day was fairly busy, for us. I went to Curves first thing this morning. Then, about 9:30 or so, Randy & I ran errands. While I got a hair cut, Randy got a propane tank filled and fueled up the truck. Then, we stopped at the AT&T store to upgrade our air card.

On the way home we stopped at Checkers to get burgers for lunch. I love Checkers’ burgers! And their fries, too. :) That was a nice treat.

This afternoon I went to the clubhouse for a couple hours of playing music. Randy hung out at the rig. When I got back, we walked up to the bonfire the park was hosting. Darrell & Judy joined us. The fire never really got up to the “bonfire” level, but it was a nice way to end the afternoon.



Gary, our park manager, gave a valiant effort trying to get the fire going, but alas, it never really caught.


And look what some exciting folks do around a campfire: 

P1110360 HAHA!

Tonight we’ll be spending our evening in the usual manner – TV, computers, etc. :) I love our life!

Until the next time . . .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Another Day

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I’m not – at all! I love my life and am very grateful to be retired and able to enjoy all that God has given me. The title just describes the routine of today.

The sun was shining as Pat and I left for JamNFolks this morning. The weather people were promising a beautiful day with temps hitting 70. Fannnnntastic. :)

We had a good jam session this morning, even learned a couple of new-to-me songs. There are a lot of very talented musicians in this group, I’ll tell you.

After the music session, Pat and I made a WalMart stop. I had to pick up our monthly prescriptions as well as a few grocery items. Can’t get through a week without a WalMart fix! :)

While I was playing, Randy was home cleaning – his usual thing on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, he wasn’t feeling so great. He had a headache! That is very unusual. He didn’t even go to Pops rehearsal tonight ‘cause he was just feeling off. Hope he’s not getting anything.

The afternoon was taken up with napping and TV. This evening we had sweet & sour chicken for dinner and caught up on some DVR’d shows. Have any of you been watching “Flash Forward”? It ‘s very strange.

That’s it. Hope you’re enjoying your week. Until the next time . . .

Monday, March 22, 2010

It Felt Like a Monday

Being retired, Mondays are usually just like any other day. But, this morning, UGH!, it felt like a Monday. I woke up with a headache and moved very slowly. I got myself a cup of coffee and made my way to my recliner, hoping the headache would fade as the coffee kicked in.

Well, it took a couple of hours, but the headache eased off enough that I felt capable of driving to Curves. And, as usual, the exercise did help ease more of the headache pain. Oh, how I hate that exercise does that!! :)

I spent the rest of the day continuing to nurse what remained of the headache. Randy dumped the tanks and took a nap while I watched TV and cross stitched.

A little after 5pm, I took off for Bible study. I really look forward to getting together with these women. Tonight they surprised me with a huge yellow ribbon – in honor of Kevin’s service and deployment. I was so touched. I’m going to miss them when we leave in April.

Not much else to share tonight. Just relaxing, watching TV, and computering (thanks, Ginger, for that word!).

Until the next time . . .

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthdays and Good-byes

Before I get to the day’s events, I wanted to add my two cents (‘cause that’s all I’ve got!) about using Live Writer for posting blog entries. I had been reading about it from some of the blogs I follow and figured I’d give it a shot. Well, I really like it! Posting pictures is a breeze with it, so I think I’ll keep using it. Thanks to all those who have talked about it in your blogs so that those of us who didn’t know about it could check it out!

Now, on to the day . . .

Two of my favorite people celebrated their birthdays today; my big sister, Paula, and my new friend, Gerri. I called my sis first thing this morning and sang to her, but for some reason, she wasn’t overly thrilled. Hmmmm . . . could it be because it was only 8:30? Oh, well. I just wanted her to know how much I love her. Gerri got off easy – I just sent her a card and posted on her Facebook page. :)

With the way the rain poured during the night, I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it to church this morning! I was thinking we might need a boat. Thankfully, the rain stopped by the time we needed to leave for church. The sun actually began to shine, but it was cold! The wind was blowing with a vengeance. Sure doesn’t seem like Spring here in lower Alabama!

We spent the afternoon watching the miniseries, John Adams, which we borrowed from Darrell & Judy. It’s really good!

This evening we joined in the Ice Cream Social, as usual. I was little sad this evening because we had to say good-bye, or “see ya later” to Mike & Peggy. They will be leaving in the morning to begin their trek home to Maine. It’s always hard to see folks leave, but in this case, we do know that we’ll be seeing again soon when we all meet in Maine this summer. Randy & I have really enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to sharing more stories this summer.

Well, that’s about it from the Guiler home. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Until the next time . . .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dinner Out – Again!

The day started out as a typical Saturday morning – I was up early to do laundry. Had two loads of wash in by 6:50. It would have been earlier but the park manager hadn’t unlocked the laundry yet. :)

Laundry was done around 8:10 and I met Randy in the clubhouse for a sausage biscuit breakfast. Yummy. After breakfast I went home while Randy stayed to listen to an RV seminar that was being presented by a local RV repair shop. When he got home a couple of hours later, he said it was pretty good and he liked the shop owners. He would call them if we need any repairs done. Good to know.

The afternoon was relatively quiet. I did some cross stitching and watched a couple of westerns. Randy was into his computer until it was time to get ready to go out to dinner. Then, he got the shower first.

Tonight we met Mike & Peggy, Darrell & Judy and Don & Gloria at Big Daddy’s for an early dinner. Mike had to get his Big Daddy’s shrimp fix before heading back to Maine on Monday. Like we need an excuse to go out to dinner, much less Big Daddy’s! As usual, the food was good and the company even better.

Now, we’re back home, safely tucked into our recliners, with our computers on our laps. Another quiet evening at home – just how we like it.

Until the next time . . .

Friday, March 19, 2010

Breakfast & Dinner Out with Beautiful Weather In-between

The day started a bit chilly – 41 degrees – as I got out the door to go to Curves. Of course, I left about 6:25 so it was rather early! I don’t often set the alarm, but I had to get there first thing this morning because the early morning crew planned to go to breakfast after exercising! Wait – isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Isn’t that why we exercise so diligently? So we can go out to eat? Please don’t tell me if that’s wrong, ‘cause I don’t wanna be right! :)

Six of us went to breakfast at a little Mom & Pop place. Really, that’s the name of the restaurant, Mom & Pop’s Restaurant! The food was okay, I won’t be rushing back. But, it was nice to sit and talk with the women who I exercise with. One of them is Susan, who I now go to Bible study and church with. It was a nice time.

I got home about 8:30 or so, got my shower and hit the computer. Gotta get my daily fix of Facebook and blogs! :) Once that was done, it was time to sit outside and enjoy the 70 degree sunshine! Randy was doing just fine inside, in his recliner with his computer and TV. :) I just had to sit outside for a while. I did some Bible study and some cross stitching. It was wonderful. But, then the breeze died and it was actually hot sitting there in the sun!

It was about time for lunch, so I came inside. A little bit later, Mike & Peggy stopped by to firm up plans to go to dinner at Paul’s Restaurant this evening. Paul’s was having an authentic German dinner tonight and Randy wanted to go, so we invited Mike & Peggy and Darrell & Judy. Dick & Pat were already on board. Darrell & Judy declined ‘cause we’re also going out to dinner tomorrow night to Big Daddy’s, but Mike & Peggy decided to go. We visited for a bit with them and then they were off to finish their walk.

This afternoon Randy had his psaltery group. I continued to relax at home, reading and then getting ready to go out to dinner.

About 5:30 Mike & Peggy came to pick us up and Dick & Pat followed in their car. We got to Paul’s and found the parking lot to be about three quarters full.


Not a big deal, right? Well, once we were inside, we found out that they were taking reservations! Not a place you’d expect that! But, the wait for a table was just 30 minutes, so that wasn’t too bad and we had good company to make the time go by.

P1110355 P1110352

We were soon seated and gave our orders. Mike, Peggy, Dick & Randy ordered the German dinner and pronounced it very good. Pat & I got a chicken and rice dish which was tasty as well. The service left a bit to be desired as they seemed to be overwhelmed. I’ll admit it was fairly busy and I guess they weren’t prepared for that. But, again we were in no hurry and the conversation flowed, so we enjoyed ourselves. It was nice being able to get to know Mike & Peggy better.

We’re home now and settled into our recliners for the rest of the evening. Another good day. Oh, and a sure sign Spring is on the way . . . the requisite Easter Bunny picture! Isn’t Reagan just too cute? :)

Easter Bunny 2010

Until the next time . . .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Day in the Life

Don't have a lot to share with y'all today. It's Thursday, so of course, we were off to Pickers this morning. We had our usual good time with friends and music. A smaller-than-usual group went to the Chinese buffet for lunch after our jam session.

Next week is the Pickers' annual festival, so we'll be busy with that. We've only attended once before, two years ago, and had a great time, so I'm looking forward to that.

Back home this afternoon, we were complete slugs. It didn't take long for both of us to fall asleep once we hit the recliners. Not sure just why we were so tired, but it is what it is. I'm thinking I still hadn't caught up from my early wake up yesterday, but I don't know what Randy's excuse was. He probably doesn't have one - and doesn't care! :)

No dinner tonight for us; we pig out at the buffet each week, so it's a no cooking night for me. :) And I am not complaining!

That's about it. Too exciting, huh? But, we should have some fun this weekend. Mike & Peggy are back in the park for a couple of days on their way back home to Maine. Hopefully, we'll get some time in with them before they take off again.

Stay tuned! Until the next time . . .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sun, Rain, Up Early, and There's the Sun Again

Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. I ended up with a fairly bad headache and just wasn't up to it. I know all of you were just devastated that there was no post from me, but I know you'll forgive me now that you know why. :)

Yesterday started off good - no headache and sunshine. Pat and I went to JamNFolks practice and it was there that the headache started. I hate it when that happens because I was having a good time! Oh, well. I made it through the session and we came on home.

I spent the rest of the day in the recliner. I know . . . if my recliner ever leaves me, I'm in trouble!

Randy vacuumed the rig while I was at music. Then, he went to Pops rehearsal last night. Unfortunately, we'll be gone before the next concert, but I'm glad Randy's going to rehearsal anyway. He really enjoys it.

The rain came in sometime during last night (I wonder if that's what caused the headache?) and it continued throughout this morning. And I was lucky enough to enjoy from 3:30am until it stopped sometime after 9am! Yeah, I woke up about 3:15 and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally got up and went down to the recliner (see!!!) and tried to sleep, but nope, it wasn't happening. So, I just went with it and read for awhile, then a little past 5am I turned the TV on and just figured I was up for the day.

The highlight of the day was going to breakfast with Dick & Pat and Darrell & Judy. We had planned to meet Dick & Pat for breakfast and then Judy called asking us to go out. I told her what the plan was and after some deliberation they decide to join us. We felt very special because today is their anniversary and they chose to share it with us.

After breakfast we all went our separate ways. Randy & I needed to go to WalMart because they called to let us know they'd missed us 'cause we hadn't been there for awhile. Not really, but it wouldn't surprise if someday they did! We had to pick up some of the essentials, i.e., milk, bread, pizza, tank chemicals, etc. Aren't those on everyone's essentials list?

Once home I made some phone calls I'd been putting off and just vegged. I'm posting this now because I'm not sure how long I'll last tonight. I haven't taken a nap yet, so I figured I'm gonna collapse at some point. And I just know that you couldn't stand for me to not post two days in a row! Oh, the horrors!

Oh, and yes, the sun came back out this afternoon. :)

Well, that's it. I'm done. Hope you're having a good week! Until the next time . . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Yes, I have arrived. :)

This morning Randy and I went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We've not been to a CB in a couple of months, at least. So, we figured it was time to get a fix. :) We had a nice surprise when Kathy Dukes, one of the Jubilee Pickers, walked in. She was by herself, so of course we insisted she sit with us. We had a marvelous time!

Kathy is the personification of serenity. She exudes peace and is just lovely. I've never had the opportunity to sit across from her and have a real conversation because we're always in a large group when we're together. Today I had that opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear some of her story. Such a delightful way to spend an hour or so.

From CB we were off to AT&T. I wanted to see if we were eligible for upgrades on phones and air card. The good news was yes, we were. The bad news was that the air card we wanted was out of stock, but expected in soon. The associate will call us when it comes in.

Now, for the 21st century news -- I did indeed upgrade my phone. To an iPhone!!! I still cannot believe that I walked out with it. I really had no intention of doing so when I walked in the store. And truly, I am not susceptible to sales pitches. Randy can tell you - I am Hardhearted Hannah when it comes to pitches. He was the one who said I should get it. So, I did. And now I am trying to figure out how to use it and all the little things it does.

I gotta admit; it is a cool phone. :) And I am now hip and cool, too! Wait a minute - I have ALWAYS been hip and cool! It's just now I have the phone to prove it. HA!

Until the next time . . .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Weekend Behind Us

It's funny, being retired we really don't have "weekends" because every day is a Saturday for us! :) We'd never know what day it was if we didn't have Sundays for reference.

Our weekend has been very mellow. Yesterday I only left the rig long enough to do two loads of laundry and have breakfast with Randy at the clubhouse. We were back home before 9am! From then on, I sat in my recliner and caught up on my computer time, watched TV, cross stitched, and worked on my Bible study lesson. Randy was right beside me with his computer in his lap. I think he even caught a short nap!

Of course we began our day this morning with church. We had decided to go out to lunch afterward and asked Jim & Susan if they'd like to go, too. Susan is one of my Bible study leaders and a "Curves girl." :) Actually, that's how I came to the Bible study - one day at Curves Susan found out I was looking for a Bible study and she invited me to hers!

We went to Mama Lou's for lunch. Mama Lou's is a local restaurant with lots of good ol' country cookin' on the buffet. While we were eating, I asked Susan where they lived in relation to the church. She said they'd give us the "tour." I thought she was kidding, but by the end of the meal, it was decided we'd follow them home. And oh my, what a home they have!

I am SO sorry I didn't take any pictures. Back when he worked, Jim was a builder. And if their home is any indication of the type of homes he built, he must have been in high demand. Their home is gorgeous! Many special little touches that make it so cozy. And the yard!! The landscaping is lush and the yard runs down to a small lake. The setting is so peaceful. You would never believe they are only about a mile off the main drag into town!

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with Jim & Susan. Sitting outside in the beautiful weather, looking over the lake with the breeze blowing; I didn't want to leave!! EVER!

We got home about 4pm. About a half hour later Darrell and Judy stopped by. More time with friends. :) It's always good to be with Darrell & Judy. It seemed they had just gotten here when it was time to go to the Ice Cream Social. So, off we went.

Now we are home for the night, firmly situated in the recliner. :)

The gifts God gives us just amazes me - and today was one of them. I continue to be filled with gratitude at the life I have been given.

Until the next time . . .

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

A mishmash of a day. I woke up early this morning - and with NO headache! ;) - so I spent a little quiet time with God and then went to Curves.

The sky sure looked like it want to pour rain, but it never happened. Not that I'm complaining! By the time I got home from Curves, the sun was shining brightly.

After getting a shower and having my second cup of coffee while I read the blogs and caught up on Facebook, I made us breakfast. Yes, we ate breakfast at home; a novel concept, huh? :) I made hash browns and fried eggs. And it was yummy, even if I do say so myself!

Then, it was time to get outside for a bit and do some cross stitching. The sun was so bright and warm, I didn't last long. Yeah, I know; complain, complain. But, we don't have the awning out yet 'cause Randy's concerned about some wind that may be coming, so the sun was beating down hard. It was nice to be outside, though.

This afternoon Randy went to his psaltery group and I made mac & cheese for our cookout. Pat had some pork she wanted to make into barbecue so she had asked several of us to get together this evening for a potluck.

So, about 5pm, Dick & Pat, Ron & Ruth, Darrell & Judy, Clyde & Sarita, and Randy & I gathered outside in our yard for dinner. I love potlucks - folks always bring good food. Along with the barbecue and mac & cheese, we had baked beans, cole slaw, fruit salad, chips and Hershey kisses for dessert. The food was great and the conversations fun. It was a nice way to end the day.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera out! I was so mad when I walked back inside and saw it sitting on the table! Oh, well. Next time, hopefully.

But, just to give you a grin, here's our granddaughter, Reagan, showing off her newly pierced ears. She was very excited to call us this evening to let us know she gotten them done! And, apparently, she was every inch the grown-up girl and didn't even flinch! Way to go, Reagan!

Until the next time . . .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday's Music

Yes, it's Thursday, so that means music. With the sun shining, Dick & Pat and Randy & I headed out about 8:40 this morning for our weekly jam session with Jubilee Pickers. The group's numbers were a little smaller than usual as several folks were at a festival in Louisiana. March marks the beginning of festival season; it seems there are festivals every weekend now.

After the session was over, several of us went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. We do that most weeks. It's a great time to sit and chat with folks that we normally do get a chance to talk to.

Back home the four of us went our separate ways to do whatever the afternoon brought us. I sat outside for just a bit - the weather was gorgeous but the sun beating down on my head just wasn't what I needed. So, I joined Randy inside. And there we've remained for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Not much else share, just the same old thing. And that's not too shabby, I say. :)

Until the next time . . .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well . . .

. . . I woke up to another headache this morning. I'm thinking today was due to the changing weather, but who knows? Anyway, this made for a very slow-moving morning.

Randy had planned to go with me to Curves so he could get a propane tank filled, and that mean we wouldn't leave until about 7:30 anyway. But, it was about an hour later than that I felt able to function enough to go. I really felt cruddy, but as I've said before, I've found that exercise can ease the pain of my headaches, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I didn't exercise as vigorously as usual but I got through two circuits, worked up a sweat and I was done.

For the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon, I was in the recliner, watching TV. I did get some cross stitching done, but that was about the extent of my exertions.

However, Randy was a cleaning machine again today. Yesterday, he vacuumed and dusted all of the living room/kitchen/dining room area of the coach. And when he does a thorough job, he takes several hours to do that. Yes, I know we live in less than 500 square feet, but this man is a whirling dervish when he's cleaning! Today, he was cleaning the bedroom/bathroom area. Again, a couple of hours worth of cleaning. Too bad I can't rent him out! :)

Late this afternoon, we rode with Dick & Pat over to the ice cream parlor in Summerdale. It's a cute place, very reminscent of a '50s parlor. (At least, that's what I'm told - I'm much too young to know that personally! ;) The guys got banana splits while Pat & I got waffle cones. All of us were happy with our choices.

Tonight, my headache has somewhat abated, it's just there. So, there won't be a lot going on in our coach tonight; not that there every is! More TV and maybe something to eat at some point. We're both still pretty full of ice cream!

Oh! And today was an absolutely gorgeous day, weatherwise! It got up in the mid-70s with sunny skies most of the day. We thought we were going to get rained late this afternoon, but it never materialized. Definitely can get used to this.

Until the next time . . .

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sunny, Then NOT!!

The sun was shining and the sky a beautiful blue when Pat and I left this morning for a jam session with Jam 'N Folks. We had a great time, played good music and even learned a couple of new songs.

As we were leaving, the skies were becoming overcast. We had a couple of errands to run and by the time we got out of the grocery store, it was raining.

It rained most of the afternoon, just a soft rain. But, tonight it's gotten ugly - hard rain, lightning, and thunder!! Ugh! I am so over all the rain. The last few days have been so nice. Oh, well. Guess we really don't appreciate the beautiful weather without experiencing the not-so-beautiful.

We'll be sitting in the recliners, watching TV and playing on the computers. Just the usual.

Until the next time . . .

Monday, March 08, 2010

Relaxing Monday

I sure enjoyed today; we had nothing on the calendar. So, that's pretty much what we did. I went to Curves first thing this morning, then came home, got a shower, then had my coffee while I caught up on my blog reading and Facebook updates. Yes, I am glued to my computer, I'll admit it. :)

While Randy watched TV inside, I was outside in my lounge chair enjoying the 70 degree temps and sunshine. I finished my Bible study lesson for tonight and then cross stitched for awhile. It was just wonderful.

This evening I went to Bible study and picked up for pizzas for dinner on the way home. I had a hankering for a mushroom pizza. Imagine my disappointment when I got home and found that I got a sausage pizza instead! I was so bummed. Oh, well. Not the end of the world. It wasn't the best pizza, but it filled the void.

It was a good day, all in all. And I'm grateful.

Until the next time . . .

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Weekend

We've had a beautiful weekend, weather-wise; temps in the 60s, sunshine, blue skies - fantastic.

Yesterday I started the day in the laundry room as is my usual haunt early on Saturday mornings. A little after 8am, Randy came over and we had sausage biscuit sandwiches for breakfast at the clubhouse.

Back home, I got a shower to get myself ready to go get a mani/pedi. While waiting for my hair to dry a bit, we had a knock on the door and there were Darrell & Judy! They had read my Friday blog post in which I stated that I'd had reach my people fill and wasn't feeling very social. So, what do they do??? They come over!! HA! I loved it! And like they said, they're not "people," they're Darrell & Judy! That's what you call real friends, folks you don't have to entertain, clean up for, and can greet them in a muumuu! :)

The four of us visited for a bit and then Darrell & Judy left to get on with their day. Randy & I got ourselves out of the rig and down the road. Randy dropped me off at the nail salon and went to get the propane tank filled. I told him to take his time and window shop a bit 'cause I'd be at least an hour. I was all of that and more 'cause I had to wait for a bit before they took me. Randy is so great about waiting; he just sits in the truck and watches life go by.

For dinner we had hamburger taco pie and watched TV and played on our computers. Just another Saturday night in the Guiler home.

This morning we went to church, but had to leave a few minutes early because we needed to be home by 11:30 in order to get lunch before heading back out again. Unfortunately, because we left early, we missed having Lord's Supper. I was somewhat disappointed about that because that is one of my favorite rituals of church. I feel such a connection to the Lord during that quiet time of meditating on the sacrifice of Jesus for me.

We were invited to Azalea Acres RV Park to join in a jam session this afternoon. Marilyn and Ginny come to Jubilee Pickers on Thursday and they are camped at this park. Dick & Pat, Bob & Pam, and Elaine from our park went, too. We had a great time! Before we knew it, more than 2 hours had passed! It was a great time of music, laughter and getting to know new folks.

Now we are home. Randy's been working hard since we got back - he dumped tanks, made the bed, and washed dishes. Have I told you how great a guy he is?? Yes, ladies, I am spoiled. I know it. And I like it! ;)

Usually we'd be heading over to the clubhouse for the weekly ice cream social. But, I'm comfortable in my recliner and just don't feel like getting up! :) So, I'm guessing we'll just hang out at home, get some dinner and relax. I think I'll watch some of the Oscars telecast, too. I'm sure Randy will just looooovvvee that! :) You can bet he'll be finding something else to watch!

It's been a good weekend. Hope yours was, too! Until the next time . . .

Friday, March 05, 2010

A River Cruise

We had no plans for today, really. After going to Curves this morning, I was looking forward to getting a mani/pedi and then sitting outside in the warm sunshine, reading and doing Bible study. Well, plans change and since we really had none to speak of, that was okay.

I did get to Curves and while I was getting my shower, Dick came by to ask us to go on a cruise along Fish River. To tell the truth, I really wasn't in the mood to be social 'cause I felt like I'd reached my "people limit" for the week. But, Randy wanted to go so I got myself ready and off we went.

Boy, was I glad we did!! I was so relaxed by the time we got back, it was wonderful. Gliding along the water is just so peace-inducing, I can't really find words to describe it.

Our "cruise ship" was actually a fishing flat-bottomed boat that one of the campers in the park owns. He has been taking folks on these cruises the past couple of years to help fund different needs of the park. This year the proceeds go toward the purchase of a floor buffer. He charges just $10/person and the cruise lasts more than two hours! Not a bad deal at all. I call it a redneck cruise because our seats were four camp chairs, but we were comfortable!

The "cruise ship"
Our guide
Pat & Randy enjoying the ride
And Dick is, too
There are lots of very nice homes along the river as well as some not-as-nice ones. :) We were amazed to find out the prices can run into the multi-millions!

What $2.5 million will buy - kinda crazy!
Because this winter has been a record-setting cold one, much of the wildlife that would usually be seen along the river wasn't there. But, we did get to see a few great blue heron, cormorants, pelicans (my favorite!) and various ducks. Most of all, we got to enjoy the lulling current of the water, the beautiful blue sky and the serenity of being on the water. It was chilly, but worth every minute.

All four of us were hungry when we got back to the dock, so Pat suggested a Big Daddy's visit. Well, she didn't have to twist our arms, I'll tell you that! :) I even deviated from my normal blackened shrimp to try the Big Daddy burger that Randy always gets. It was good, but not as good as the shrimp, so I'll be sticking with that from now on.

Back home, I did get to sit outside for awhile and worked on my Bible study lesson. The sun was just so nice and warm. Once the wind picked up a little, I came inside to settle into my recliner. Randy went to his psaltery group and I caught up on some shows I'd DVR'd.

Tonight is more of the same. No dinner necessary 'cause both Randy & I were still full from lunch. So, we're just enjoying life. Hope you are, too!

Until the next time . . .