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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Very Musical Weekend

The annual Jubilee Pickers Festival was this weekend so we were very busy!

Friday was a fairly easy day because there were no scheduled events until the afternoon when several classes were held. These classes were taught by members of the Pickers: autoharp, penny whistle, and dulcimer chording. There may have been others, but I can’t remember them. For dinner, we had a great potluck. Then after dinner, there was a jam session that lasted for a few hours Randy and I left at 9:30pm and folks were still playing!

P1110363P1110364 P1110366

Saturday was a long day. I got to the festival venue about 8:40 as I was helping with registration and open stage sign up. I also took a class with Paul Andry, the professional dulcimer player who came to our festival to teach and give a concert.

The major part of Saturday at the festival is the Open Stage. Folks sign up to perform during the afternoon: clubs, groups and individuals. I was emcee for the day. :) In total, we had about 20 performances. Most performances consisted of 2 songs each and with a short break, Open Stage lasted about 3 hours. In between performances, as people were leaving and entering the stage, we had door prize giveaways. Ya gotta keep people’s attention! I had a great time emceeing the afternoon and helping keep everyone in good spirits. Some of the folks who performed were:

Jim Hayes, who is one of the Pickers’ leaders, and taught me much of what I’ve learned about the dulcimer.P1110372

Gayle & Kathy (Wildwood), I can listen to them ALL day!P1110376

And very inspiring is Jake – who is 90 years old! – still plays and travels on his own. Amazing.P1110378

After Open Stage, we had a red beans and rice dinner for everyone. Our club provided the meal as a thank you to those in attendance.P1110391

The evening ended with a concert by Paul and then more jamming. Randy & I left early, but it’s my understanding that the music went on until 11pm! These people are serious about their music. :)

Paul Andry in concertP1110392P1110393

This morning we ended the festival with a hymn service.We had a very small group attend, but it was a good service. I had the privilege of sharing a devotion  and we sang several hymns. It lasted about an hour and was very nice.

To top off the weekend, our Wednesday afternoon jam group played at the clubhouse tonight after the ice cream social. To say the least, it was a very musical weekend!! :)

Until the next time . . .

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  1. What a great time with music and friends. Looks like everything went very well!