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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just Checking In

Wow! I haven't posted a message here for two weeks! Just shows how boring our life is right now. I guess I shouldn't say "boring," that implies we are are not enjoying ourselves - and we are! A better phrase might be "less traveled." While here in Maryland we are not doing a lot of sightseeing or traveling. We are spending most of our time with family, which is never boring! :)

However, we did have a little adventure last week. I had gotten tired of hanging around the campground, so I suggested that we take ride along one of the scenic byways that Maryland DoT has designated. Randy is always ready to do something like that, so that was the plan.

We selected two byways that connected to each other. We were to start on Falls Road in Baltimore City and follow that to part of the "Atlantic to Appalachians" byway. That would make us end up in Westminster which is just north of our campground. Sounds like a good plan, huh? Well, let me tell you . . .

We drove into the city to find the beginning of Falls Road. We could have picked it up in Baltimore County, but wanted to start right at the beginning; and that was our mistake. We got into the city just fine (you know, with an F550 there's always a little concern going downtown) and followed the exit onto Maryland Avenue which was to take us right to the beginning of Falls Road. At least, that's how the map read! And yes, it was the map, NOT the navigator!!!

Well, I won't bore you with all of the ugly, minute details, but after almost an HOUR of driving in circles, we never found Falls Road!!!! We would turn on the road we thought we should be on and find it had turned into another road! Then, of course, there are so many one way streets in the city, it took several blocks before we could get turned around to start over. And you know how very easy going Randy is, but when we had once again found ourselves on the wrong road (the same wrong road we had been on at least twice before), he was even starting to boil. So, we decided to forego the beginning of Falls Road and head back to the beltway to the exit for Falls Road and take it from there.

Once back on the freeway, we found a closer exit that took us onto Falls Road, so we got to see some of the city-side of the drive as we headed into the county
. We took slow, deep breaths and decided to enjoy the rest of the ride. And we really did. It was truly a "scenic" drive. We went from the city into Baltimore County and farmland. The fields, trees, small towns, big gorgeous houses, farmhouses,, were just beautiful.

We so enjoy doing these kinds of drives. It never gets old seeing how colorful and majestic this land is. If you have never taken such a drive in your own area, I encourage you to do so. Just get in the car and drive. Really look out the window and see the beauty of God's creation.

Hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating America's birthday! Be safe, take care of those you love. Keep in touch.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reagan's Dedication

We had a wonderful celebration this past Sunday. Jason & Lindsay participated in our church's Child Dedication ceremony which means they (and the family) promise to bring Reagan up in a home that lives according to the will of God. It's such a special time and it was thrilling to watch our kids make this commitment to the Lord.

After the service, we all went back to the house and enjoyed family time. I told Lindsay how wonderful it is that our families blend so well together. And it's especially significant because both Jason's and Lindsay's parents are divorced, but are able to join together in these family get-togethers. THAT's great!

Today, Reagan is nine months old! So hard to believe! She is just great - crawling, getting into stuff, starting to show her temperament (sometimes in a very loud way) and just growing so beautifully. We are very blessed.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Day at the Campground

We had a nice surprise yesterday - Lindsay and Reagan came out to the campground and brought Lins' sis-in-law, Carrie and her 2 year old son, Andrew with them. They were supposed to do something else, but that fell through and they were at loose ends, so Lins called and said they wanted to come and go to the pool. Well, of course, the answer was, "C'mon out!"

Randy grilled hot dogs for the adults and the mommies got the kids their lunches. After we all ate, we got ready to go to the pool. Boy, I forgot how much it takes to get a couple of little ones out the door. But, the mommies got that accomplished and we went to the pool.

Although the water was cold (75 degrees is cold water!!), we forged ahead and got in. Reagan loved it! Lins has a float in which Reagan can sit and it also has a canopy, so that was nice. Reagan could float along by herself without having to be held. And the canopy protected that porcelain skin of hers. Andrew was a little more timid since it was his first time in a pool this year, but he eventually had a good time.

When the kids (and mommies) got tired of the pool, we went down to visit and feed the goats that live here at the campground.
Andrew and Reagan are getting to be experts at goats - they had just gone to a petting zoo last week where they fed the goats. After that it was time to go home. The kids were tired and it was naptime.

We were so glad they had come out, though. We love Carrie as if she was ours and it's always great to have Lindsay and Reagan come out. They loved the pool, so I think we'll see more of them this summer.

Hope all is well with your families. We are enjoying a quiet week here. Haven't done much. Randy did finally get the bug leavin's off the front of the RV that we accumulated on our travels from Florida to Maryland, but that's about as adventurous as we've been this week.

Take care and keep in touch!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Update

Haven't written anything in over a week! We've been busy with family stuff - celebrated Memorial Day at my sister's house. My folks were able to be there this time and we just hung out, laughed and, of course, ate way too much!

Spent the night at Lins & Jason's last Tuesday so they could go to a concert.
Gosh, we had to babysit that little girl again - such a hardship! hehehe We have so much fun with her. She is a delight.

We also celebrated Randy'
s 57th birthday! Went out to dinner with Lins, Jason & Reagan.

Other than this, we've just been working at the park. Wish the weather would stabilize - we've had hot, humid summer-like weather and then today we woke up to a very chilly, windy day. Can't believe it's June, weatherwise AND date-wise. The time is going by quickly. Next thing we know, it'll be late September and time to pack up and move out.

Hope all is well is your world. Please keep in touch!