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Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Update

Haven't written anything in over a week! We've been busy with family stuff - celebrated Memorial Day at my sister's house. My folks were able to be there this time and we just hung out, laughed and, of course, ate way too much!

Spent the night at Lins & Jason's last Tuesday so they could go to a concert.
Gosh, we had to babysit that little girl again - such a hardship! hehehe We have so much fun with her. She is a delight.

We also celebrated Randy'
s 57th birthday! Went out to dinner with Lins, Jason & Reagan.

Other than this, we've just been working at the park. Wish the weather would stabilize - we've had hot, humid summer-like weather and then today we woke up to a very chilly, windy day. Can't believe it's June, weatherwise AND date-wise. The time is going by quickly. Next thing we know, it'll be late September and time to pack up and move out.

Hope all is well is your world. Please keep in touch!

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