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Monday, May 22, 2006

We've Been Busy!

We have had little downtime since we got back home! Between working three days a week (and boy, has THAT been hard to get used to again!) and spending time with family, we've hardly spent any time at home.

Last Monday I went to Gymboree with Lindsay and Reagan. I had never even
heard of Gymboree until Lins told me about it. It was so much fun watching Reagan enjoy all of the exercises the class does. There were several other children in the class and Reagan gets almost as excited watching the other kids as she does doing the exercises. I got lots of pictures and had so much fun!

After Gymboree class was over, Lindsay, Reagan and I went down to visit my folks at the beach. Jason was going out of town on business and Lins didn't want to hang out at home all by herself all week. Turns out, Jason was going to be in Ocean City, too, but would be busy with work. So, we left Randy at home housesitting and dogsitting and us three girls set off for the beach and Grandma's house.

I had not seen my folks for almost five months. It was great to see them and get
hugs and kisses. They look great. We didn't have much of an agenda, just wanted to spend time with Grandma and DadDad. I really love watching my folks with my granddaughter - it's an amazing sight.

Of course, we had to hit the outlets and see what we could buy for Reaga
n. Not that she needs much of anything! We also went to the beach and walked the boardwalk one day. It was a windy day, so we didn't stay too long. Got some good pictures, though.

Thursday morning it was time to head for home. I was missing Randy and hoping he was missing me (he said he did and I choose to believe him!). I had to get home to get to work that evening.

It was a fun time together. I so enjoy spending time with Lindsay. We have a good time together. Sometimes we laugh so hard, the tears roll down our faces.

We are settling into some kind of a routine. We work at the campground Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We usually spend at least a couple of days down at Lindsay's. We keep in touch with Kevin and Ginny, but it's harder to catch up with them. Ginny and family are coming out to the campground in a couple of weeks, so we're really looking forward to that.

Take care, everyone! Keep in touch.

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