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Monday, May 01, 2006

We are home!!!

We are home in Maryland! We thought we'd get home today, but decided to push on and get home on Sunday afternoon instead. I am so glad we did, 'cause that means I got to get down to that beautiful granddaughter even sooner than expected. And she is just GORGEOUS!!!! I just can't keep my hands off of her.

We got a great reception at Ramblin' Pines - it's nice to be missed. Our friends, Don & Joyce greeted us and brought us cake! We just love Joyce's cooking!

We start working this Thursday and have almost the same scheduled as last year. We work Thursday afternoons from 3 to 9pm and Friday & Saturday from 8am to 3pm. Not a bad deal, huh? Leaves plenty of play time with the kids and family.

I'll continue posting to the blog as the summer goes on. Probably won't be as often because life will be a bit more boring than these past few months, but as you all know, I always find something to say!

Keep checking back and please keep in touch.

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