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Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Weekend

We've had a beautiful weekend, weather-wise; temps in the 60s, sunshine, blue skies - fantastic.

Yesterday I started the day in the laundry room as is my usual haunt early on Saturday mornings. A little after 8am, Randy came over and we had sausage biscuit sandwiches for breakfast at the clubhouse.

Back home, I got a shower to get myself ready to go get a mani/pedi. While waiting for my hair to dry a bit, we had a knock on the door and there were Darrell & Judy! They had read my Friday blog post in which I stated that I'd had reach my people fill and wasn't feeling very social. So, what do they do??? They come over!! HA! I loved it! And like they said, they're not "people," they're Darrell & Judy! That's what you call real friends, folks you don't have to entertain, clean up for, and can greet them in a muumuu! :)

The four of us visited for a bit and then Darrell & Judy left to get on with their day. Randy & I got ourselves out of the rig and down the road. Randy dropped me off at the nail salon and went to get the propane tank filled. I told him to take his time and window shop a bit 'cause I'd be at least an hour. I was all of that and more 'cause I had to wait for a bit before they took me. Randy is so great about waiting; he just sits in the truck and watches life go by.

For dinner we had hamburger taco pie and watched TV and played on our computers. Just another Saturday night in the Guiler home.

This morning we went to church, but had to leave a few minutes early because we needed to be home by 11:30 in order to get lunch before heading back out again. Unfortunately, because we left early, we missed having Lord's Supper. I was somewhat disappointed about that because that is one of my favorite rituals of church. I feel such a connection to the Lord during that quiet time of meditating on the sacrifice of Jesus for me.

We were invited to Azalea Acres RV Park to join in a jam session this afternoon. Marilyn and Ginny come to Jubilee Pickers on Thursday and they are camped at this park. Dick & Pat, Bob & Pam, and Elaine from our park went, too. We had a great time! Before we knew it, more than 2 hours had passed! It was a great time of music, laughter and getting to know new folks.

Now we are home. Randy's been working hard since we got back - he dumped tanks, made the bed, and washed dishes. Have I told you how great a guy he is?? Yes, ladies, I am spoiled. I know it. And I like it! ;)

Usually we'd be heading over to the clubhouse for the weekly ice cream social. But, I'm comfortable in my recliner and just don't feel like getting up! :) So, I'm guessing we'll just hang out at home, get some dinner and relax. I think I'll watch some of the Oscars telecast, too. I'm sure Randy will just looooovvvee that! :) You can bet he'll be finding something else to watch!

It's been a good weekend. Hope yours was, too! Until the next time . . .

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  1. I guess you sent the nice weather our way. This weekend was just perfect. We headed to the park today and then the nice weather inspired me so I took Daniela to one of the rec centers to swim. Great day.