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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tired, but Still Moving

Ugh, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I woke up later than usual, about 7:15, with a lingering headache from yesterday. Guess I just can’t handle busy weekends any more! :) But, I pushed and got myself out the door to Curves. Didn’t make me feel any more energetic, but at least I went.

At home, I got my shower which made me feel a bit more human. Then, I got my first cup of coffee. Aaaaahhhh! After another cup of coffee, time on the computer and some breakfast, I was finally ready to do the errands I needed to do today. I still wasn’t thrilled with having to function much, but things needed to be done.

While I was out running errands, Randy was home getting ready for the RV repairman from Peterson’s RV to arrive. The electric switch to our water heater hasn’t worked since we got to Alabama and we’d finally gotten on the mobile repair schedule.

The repairman came about 2pm and fixed the switch. Randy also wanted him to look at one of our slides to be sure it was working properly, but he didn’t have the part he need to do so. He’ll be coming back. Randy really likes this RV garage; they do good work and have integrity. Since he was coming back to work on the slide next, he didn’t take payment for today! When does that ever happen?

I sat outside in the beautiful, 70* sunshine for awhile this afternoon. I even took a bit of a nap, I think. Then, it was time to go to Bible study.

Now we’re home, ready for our usual evening of computer, TV and recliners. Gotta love it!

Until the next time . . .

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