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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Weekend Behind Us

It's funny, being retired we really don't have "weekends" because every day is a Saturday for us! :) We'd never know what day it was if we didn't have Sundays for reference.

Our weekend has been very mellow. Yesterday I only left the rig long enough to do two loads of laundry and have breakfast with Randy at the clubhouse. We were back home before 9am! From then on, I sat in my recliner and caught up on my computer time, watched TV, cross stitched, and worked on my Bible study lesson. Randy was right beside me with his computer in his lap. I think he even caught a short nap!

Of course we began our day this morning with church. We had decided to go out to lunch afterward and asked Jim & Susan if they'd like to go, too. Susan is one of my Bible study leaders and a "Curves girl." :) Actually, that's how I came to the Bible study - one day at Curves Susan found out I was looking for a Bible study and she invited me to hers!

We went to Mama Lou's for lunch. Mama Lou's is a local restaurant with lots of good ol' country cookin' on the buffet. While we were eating, I asked Susan where they lived in relation to the church. She said they'd give us the "tour." I thought she was kidding, but by the end of the meal, it was decided we'd follow them home. And oh my, what a home they have!

I am SO sorry I didn't take any pictures. Back when he worked, Jim was a builder. And if their home is any indication of the type of homes he built, he must have been in high demand. Their home is gorgeous! Many special little touches that make it so cozy. And the yard!! The landscaping is lush and the yard runs down to a small lake. The setting is so peaceful. You would never believe they are only about a mile off the main drag into town!

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with Jim & Susan. Sitting outside in the beautiful weather, looking over the lake with the breeze blowing; I didn't want to leave!! EVER!

We got home about 4pm. About a half hour later Darrell and Judy stopped by. More time with friends. :) It's always good to be with Darrell & Judy. It seemed they had just gotten here when it was time to go to the Ice Cream Social. So, off we went.

Now we are home for the night, firmly situated in the recliner. :)

The gifts God gives us just amazes me - and today was one of them. I continue to be filled with gratitude at the life I have been given.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Are you trying to brag that everyday is Saturday? Just kidding. I am glad you guys had such a good weekend. Your friend's house sounds beautiful.