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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can We Say Three???

Oh, yeah. That would be three days in a row of beautiful weather and relaxing days. Very nice.

Other than the fantastic weather, we had a very typical Sunday. Spent the morning at church and had a late breakfast at IHOP.

We spent the afternoon in our usual positions – me outside in my lounge chair, cross stitching and Randy inside in his recliner, watching TV. I also took my dulcimer outside for a bit and practiced a few songs.

This evening we joined at least 100 other folks at the clubhouse for the weekly ice cream social. We also feted Norm & Linda, a couple who do much around the clubhouse and the park to make it the success that its. The Chenilles made an appearance, singing a song especially written for Norm & Linda. Needless to say, much fun and laughter was had by all

We got an email today from our eldest, Ginny, with a picture of Tommy, our grandson, attached. Finally!! I bug Ginny all the time about getting us pictures of Tommy because I want to show him off. Well, I know it's been a year since we've seen him, and he's going to be 13 years old next month, but oh my! He is no longer a little boy – he's really growing up. And such a cutie!


Looking forward to more great weather this week, as well as a couple of music gigs, and lots of relaxation. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. He'll be 12 next month. :) Everyone has been talking about him being 12 so soon it feels like he's been 12 already! lol It's all good. I'd like to get the teens started myself, but he'll officially be a pre-teen. That's scary enough I suppose. :)

  2. What a terrible Nana I am!! I know he was born in 1999. Guess my brain is pushing it. He's still cutie, no matter what age he is!

  3. He certainly is a cutie. Beautiful hair...