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Sunday, January 01, 2006

We're in Georgia

I ended our day Friday with an unexpected trip - down the stairs into the kitchen! Yes, a whole three steps and I just had to fall down them. Scared Randy to death - he thought we’d be going to the ER. Nothing broken except my pride! My backside was (and is) pretty sore, though. I know, I know, TMI!!!

Got a much quicker start to the day on Saturday! Got on the road about 7:30am, only took a half hour or so to break camp. BIG difference! Drove about an hour to Jonesville, NC and stopped at the Cracker Barrel there. Gotta check off those Cracker Barrels so Randy can continue on his trek to eat at every Cracker Barrel in the US. :)

We had another beautiful day to travel - bright sunshine all the way. That last hour, though, seemed to drag. We just wanted to BE there, you know?

Well, we arrived at Twin Lakes Campground around 3:30pm.We were a little concerned about this park because we had never even seen a picture of it, so we were going on faith that the campground directory ratings didn’t lie! It didn’t help that we got a call from the campground owner about an hour and a half before we got here to ask when we thought we’d arrive and what type of hook-up service we’d need. I told her I had given all this info to the gentleman with whom I made the reservation. Apparently, whoever was on duty was trying to get out a little early because of the holiday and wanted to get all the reservations ready for the campers who were coming in.

Gratefully, when we pulled into the park, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it is a beautiful park! Nothing fancy at all - no “amenities,” except for a beautiful lake which all of the sites face, in one way or another. It is a very peaceful setting and we are pleased. You never know what you’re getting when you reserve sight unseen.

Got set up in short order and plopped down in front of the TV. We figured we would only have “air” channels (those that you can only pick up via antenna), but Randy found a cable hook-up and tapped into it. Not sure whose cable we are enjoying, but Randy talked one of the neighbors and he’s tapped into it, too. Guess we’ll see what happens and enjoy it while we can.

Will be seeing Randy’s sister and family Sunday. We’re looking forward to it, we haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving 2002. We’ll have lots to catch up on.

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Happy New Year to all and we pray that you will feel the hand of God on you in 2006 and that your lives will be richer this year than last.


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    We are ready for you to come to Birmingham! I got permission to park your 5th wheel in the ReMax parking lot beside our house. The office did not think it would be a problem. Looking forward to having 2 roommates for a couple of weeks, or months or whatever. We really enjoy your company! Love, Dan and Debbie.

  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    So happy you had such great weather for your trip! Hope it continues. Let me know if you get to the Cracker Barrel in Antioch, TN. I've been there! :) Say hello to Missy and family for me. Tommy goes back to school on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to a nice quiet day! :) Talk to you soon, hopefully - Gin, Chuck and Tommy