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Saturday, November 03, 2012


What, you ask? What did Terry do now??? Well, since “they” say pictures say a thousand words, I'll just show you.


New hair cut!

Yep. I finally cut off my hair. For those of you who have only known me for the last couple of years, you've never seen me with short hair. But, that is actually how I wore my hair for years. That is, until I got tired of getting lousy haircuts while traveling. So in late 2009, I let my hair grow and permed it.

This past week I decided I either had2nd pose to get another perm or cut it off. And since Alicia is a hair stylist and I knew we'd be here for several months, I told her to cut it off! And it feels SOOOOO good. :) Thankfully, Randy prefers my hair short, so that wasn't an issue.

You know it's been a slow few days when the big news is a hair cut. :)

We have settled into a routine and are enjoying life. Missing our kids and grandkids, but that's part of this life.

And a shout out to my daddy, whose birthday is tomorrow. I love you, Daddy!! Happy birthday.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Oh my gosh! That's the Terry I've always known! I did love your hair long too though!

    I hope you are loving Florida and staying out of trouble.


  2. I like your new doo. I did the opposite sort of. I wore my hair short and straight for 8 years, because when the weather is nice Joe likes to drive with the windows down and straight is an easy fix right? Well we are on hold with our travels for now, and he commented one day how he wished I had a little curl in my hair again. So now I'm sporting a new perm. But it's easy to care for while we are at home for a while.

  3. Hey, you clean up prudy good!!!

  4. Joelle6:47 AM

    Well, you know how I feel about short hair ;) LOVE it! Enjoy :)

  5. You're a good advertisement for Alicia! Great look terrific!

  6. I like it!!! It was pretty short when we first met you back in the winter of 2010...I liked it then and I like it now!!! Alicia did a great job!! :-)

  7. Anonymous8:15 AM

    You look great with the new haircut! I like it!


  8. I like your haircut. Wish I was brave enough to try that!!