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Friday, February 01, 2013

Another Month Gone By

Welcome, February! It seemed to me that January was never going to end! It just dragged by. And, since it is a new month, I figured I'd gift you all with a blog entry! :) Also, for full disclosure, our daughter, Lindsay, informed me I had been slacking off in my blogging. LOL

To be honest, we haven't done anything “blog worthy.” Since I got back from MD, we've settled into our normal routine. And a routine is not very exciting to write about. I told Lindsay that if I was bored writing a blog entry, surely you all would be put to sleep reading it!!

In the month ahead, we do have a couple of things in the works. Sometime in the next week or so Randy will be traveling to Kansas to welcome our Soldier home from Afghanistan. He'll be gone about a week to ten days. It's a two day drive to get there and he'll stay a few days to help Kevin settle in. Then, if the weather holds, he'll get back on the road to Florida.

We also want to get away for a couple of days to visit with friends in Lower Alabama. It's been way too long since we've seen them! So, hopefully in late February we'll be able to get there.

Okay, are you asleep yet? If not, you get the prize! I don't know what that prize is, but you get it! :)

Now I'll get back to our exciting life of exercise (me), TV, working, and church! Don't be too jealous.

Until the next time (whenever that will be!) . . .


  1. Great news!

    Kevin's coming home .... And we may see you in LA!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Missing ya'll. Everything ok?