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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From Sea to Shining Sea

Well, really from the bay to the ocean, but that doesn't have the same ring to it! :)

We arrived at Breezy Point Campground in Maryland on Thursday after an easy six hour drive. Normally, six hours is just too long a drive, but it went fairly quickly that day. Breezy Point-site 15We got ourselves set up with no problem and enjoyed our view. Let me tell you – these sites are on the beach! We settled ourselves in for the next five days.



Great view!!

On Saturday we picked up Ginny and Tommy to stay with us for the night. Unfortunately, Chuck wasn't able to come because they were having vehicle issues and he needed to use the time to work on their truck. It was so good to have the kids with us. We didn't do much (and Tommy was as bored as a 14 year old could be!)Tommy, Ginny & Randy just relaxing but we enjoyed being together. The weather wasn't very cooperative at first, but the sun soon came out. And Sunday, Tommy finally joined with the folks next to us in hunting for “treasure” in the bay – sharks' teeth and such.

Tommy looking for treasure

All too soon it was time to say good-bye. Sunday afternoon we met Chuck at Ledo Pizza for dinner, after which it was hugs good-bye. We're hoping to get together at least one more time before their big move to Colorado. We're gonna have kids strung out all over!

Sunday night and Monday were nasty weather days. We Rainy daywere fortunate we only had rain. Other areas in MD saw tornadoes touching down! That is not supposed to happen here!

Tuesday dawned clear and it was time to break camp. Last morning at Breezy PointThese sites are water and electric only, so the campground offers pump out service on Fridays and Tuesdays. Worked out perfectly for us! The service came at 6am; yeah, it was a bit early, but that meant we got on the road early. By 8:30am we were pulling out of the campground, heading to my parents' house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Again, God graced us with an easy travel day – and only 3.5 hours at that! We pulled up in front of my parents' house about 11:45am. Just in time for them to take us to lunch. How's that for timing!

Oh, my. How wonderful it was to hug on Daddy & Mommy! Daddy had been hospitalized last month for pneumonia and dehydration and then was sent home with oxygen 24/7, so I have been very concerned about him. He looks fabulous, though! Mommy is doing well, too. Although she's tired as she's been “on duty” since Daddy's been ill. Hopefully, we can take some of that off of her for a few days.

We're looking forward to our visit here. We'll hit the road one last time on Monday when we head to PA. We'll have more news for you on our future plans later.

Such a tease, I know!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Glad all is going well, miss you though. I know your family is glad to have there with them though. (((Hugs))) my friend!

  2. Glad your dad is doing well. I didn't know about this recent set back. Give them squeezes from me, please!