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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dinner at the Park

Don't know how YOU spent your Valentine's Day, but I can bet it wasn't as exciting as ours! hehehe As I've talked about before, campgrounds often host dinners for the campers and the cost is very low. Well, Rainbow Plantation had a hamburger dinner last night with a Sweetheart Dance scheduled afterward. Needless to say (as you can see from the pictures!), it was not the hotspot of the year!

The dinner was fine; food was good and plentiful. But, there weren't many people there. We shared a table with a couple from Pennsylvania, Debbie & Al. They actually workamp at Little Drummer Boy Campground in Gettysburg. So, we had a lot to talk about. We also found out that we have a great workamp situation at Ramblin' Pines. Debbie & Al have to work 40 hours/week and one of those days must be Sunday! Vivian is so flexible with us - we only work 3 days a week and that more than covers our site fee, which is all we are concerned about.

As we were finishing eating, a couple came to the microphone and said they would be singing for us. Actually, they were pretty good. They were not a married couple, she is a widow and his wife was sick at home in the park. They sang several old tunes and they sang acappello. They had more nerve than most folks!

Well, right after they were done singing, everyone started leaving! I said something to Debbie & Al about the dance and Debbie didn't even know anything about it! I said to Randy that I guess there wasn't going to be a dance, or much of one anyway. So, we went home and watched American Idol!

Now, aren't you jealous of our Valentine's Day celebration!?!?!?!!! Whatever you did or didn't do, I just hope you are content with who you are, and it doesn't matter who you're with (or not)!

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