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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

San Antonio Historic Area Walking Tour

Another beautiful day for being outside and taking a walking tour! I’m sure you’re tired of reading that, but I am NOT tired of saying it OR living it! We went back into San Antonio today to do a walking tour of one the King William Historic District. First, however, we stopped to check off yet another Cracker Barrel - yes, yes, it’s a sacrifice, but being the submissive wife that I am . . .

Anyway, back to our walking tour. Randy and I really enjoy looking at older architecture. Would never want to own one of those homes - too much work - but they are just so lovely to look at. The King William Historic District is located along the San Antonio River and our tour took us down along a different park of the River Walk. I really enjoyed this area - much better than the Walk we traveled yesterday. This part of the Walk is outside and meanders along between the lovely homes in this area. We took a picture of the back of one of the homes because it was so pretty.

This area’s homes date back to the early 1800s and are as different from each other as they can be. One of the homes is the Guenther Home and its founding family started the local Pioneer Flour Mills which is still a working mill today. Not sure if the family is still involved, but I think they are. At another one of the homes we took a picture of, the George Kalteyer House, the mom and baby of the family who lives there was outside. (You can see the baby in the right side of the picture.) I asked if she minded if we took a picture of the house and she said that was fine. When you look at these houses and read the histories, it seems odd to see a modern family actually living there!

It took us almost two hours to complete the tour and it was worth the time. Once again, we read about the many German families who first lived in these homes and most of them were involved in the politics and business of early San Antonio.

Oh, yeah! Randy also found his very own historical marker!! See if you agree! Hahahahaha I was taking a picture of a house and looked over and Randy was standing in front of this sign!!! We howled!!! Ain’t retirement grand?!?!?!!!

As you can tell, we’ve enjoyed our stay here in the San Antonio area and will definitely be back to do other things we were unable to fit in this time. We leave tomorrow morning for Mobile, AL. We’ll stop for the night tomorrow night in Lake Charles, LA, then we’ll get to Mobile Thursday afternoon. We’re meeting Dan & Debbie Domer in Mobile for the weekend. We’re looking forward to spending some more time with them! They will be taking their maiden camping trip with their new pop-up.

We will be incommunicado for the next couple of days. We’ll get back online sometime Thursday afternoon. If you need us sooner than that, give a shout on the cell phone, otherwise just send an e-mail and we’ll respond as soon as we get the satellite up and running.

Enjoy the pictures. Just put up a few to give you a taste of the area. Look at the Webshots website, under San Antonio TX Feb06, for more pictures. Take care of each other. Love you!

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