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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Home at last

We made it home around 8:45pm Thursday. It was a looooooooonnnng drive, but surprisingly, not a bad one. Guess what "they" say is true, it's all in how you decide to deal with it. We knew we had a long drive ahead of us and just did it. Tricia was up waiting for us and welcomed us with hugs and smiles. It was great.

Friday morning, we were up and moving early. I went to traffic court with Kev and then we both went over to Lindsay's to see her and that beautiful little girl, Reagan. It was so wonderful to walk up to the door and see them waiting there for us!! Reagan was laughing and bouncing up and down in Lindsay's arms, so excited to see me. I loved it!! The four of us went out to lunch and then back to Lindsay's for the afternoon. Randy didn't get there until later because he went to a lunch with some of his work buddies. But, we had a great reunion with the kids.

It's good to be home. We're babysitting Kelly & Kate tonight, so that will be good to see them again. Then, we need to make arrangements to get down to Ginny's to see them. So much to do!!! And, we need to get some Christmas shopping done at some point, too.

We hope everyone is safe and looking forward to a wonderful celebration of Jesus' birthday. We sure are!

Until next time . . . take care of each other and keep in touch.

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