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Thursday, January 04, 2007

So Hard to Leave . . .

We arrived in Birmingham around 7pm last night. It was an easy trip - long, but uneventful. God has been so gracious to us in our travels.

It was tough to leave, though. We spent all of Tuesday with the kids and when it was time to leave them in the evening, that old tug of "maybe I can't go" hit me. I always feel as though I am abandoning them. I know that's silly, but the feelings are real so I have to acknowledge them. Many times throughout that day I would find myself just watching one of the kids, Lindsay, Kevin or Reagan. Just watching them, trying to commit to memory the laughter or a certain look. Sometimes I think it's going to be the last time I see them. But, I'm so grateful for who each one is, or is becoming. I think of Ginny, struggling to make ends meet and being a good parent to Tommy. And I reassure myself that, as much as I love each one of them, God loves them more and He is watching over them - and can do a much better job than I!! (Yes, I do know that even though I think He could use my help sometimes!! hehehehe)

Sorry to be so introspective, but these are the many feelings that assault me when we set off on a long trip and it's nice to be able to "share" them. I know that my kids will be okay, after all they're my kids! :)

Here are a couple of pictures taken our last night together. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of Ginny and Tommy when we saw them, so I'll just post a picture she gave me awhile ago.

We plan to get back to southern Alabama on Friday, picking up the RV and getting it restocked for the next leg of the trip. Then, next week we'll head west for new adventures. Please drop us an e-mail and let us know what's going on in your lives. We always love to hear from family and friends.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Ok, thanks for bringing on the tears!

    ~ Linds