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Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Mardi Gras Fun

And the fun continues! On Friday Randy & Dick (one of our neighbors) went into Mobile to tour the USS Samuel B. Roberts, a Navy guided-missile frigate. It is 453 feet long and has a crew of 210. Since it is an active ship, the tour was confined to a general tour - no inside scoop and no pictures other than the outside. But, they had fun anyway!

Friday night was the first of the campground's Mardi Gras events. This was the crowning of the King & Queen of Mardi Gras.
I was involved in the planning of this event and had a great time. The theme of our Mardi Gras events is Broadway Musicals. We did our best to wreak havoc on several musicals! After we had dinner and our King & Queen were crowned, I had the privilege (?) of starting the program by singing the chorus of "There's No Business Like Show Business" and believe me, Ethel Merman has nothing to worry about!! :) We continued with songs from West Side Story and Oklahoma as well as a short run-on of The Pirates of Penzance. Two of the highlights for me were the men dressed up as women and singing "I Feel Pretty" and The Chenilles. The Chenilles is a group of women (and I was included!) who are dressed in robes, shower caps, towels on their heads, and slippers and "sing." They sing songs that have been reworded to fit the moment. This time the song was "Alabama" sung to the tune of "Oklahoma." That was great. I think the evening was a success.

Yesterday we went to the Foley parade.
It was a smaller parade than the one last weekend in Fairhope, but just as fun. Lots of beads and moon pies were thrown and caught. And the weather was very cooperative; a little cool, but very sunny. After the parade, we had a nice lunch at the local Mexican restaurant with Dick & Pat and Darrell & Judy.

As always, more pictures can be found at our Webshots site:

Today will be a quiet day, church this morning and the weekly ice cream social tonight. We gear up again tomorrow with the campground parade and lunch, then on Tuesday evening we finish up with the Grand Ball. Looking forward to that!

Hope all are doing well and staying warm there in the north. We think of you often and pray for you regularly. Please drop us a note sometime. Take care of each other. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the USS Samuel B. Roberts. You may be interested in a book about the ship's early days, when it was damaged and nearly sunk by an Iranian mine in the Persian Gulf. The book is called No Higher Honor (Naval Institute Press, 2006), and there's more at