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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Arrived in Atlanta

After a pretty long day (for us), we arrived at our campground yesterday sometime after 5pm. We left Summerdale, AL a few minutes before 8am and, as most of you know, we only like to travel about 5 hours a day. However, it was 6 hours driving time from Summerdale to Cumming, GA. We figured that it would be 7 to 7.5 hour day. That was fine, we planned on it. And the day actually went quite fast. I looked at the clock at one point and realized we'd been on the road for almost 5 hours and it didn't seem like it at all. Of course, crossing the AL/GA state line we "lost" an hour because we passed into Eastern time.

We were rolling along quite nicely until we hit Atlanta. We had hoped to get to the campground around 4pm, missing most of the horrid Atlanta rush hour. Not to be, unfortunately. We got around their "Beltway" without much problem, but when we were about 10 miles from the campground we found the traffic. UGH!
And the best part was that we got to merge off of one highway onto another right onto the FAST lane! Who the heck designed that!! It took us about an hour to go that 10 miles. By the time we got to the campground, Randy was pretty fried. Maneuvering that rig in all the traffic can be pretty harrowing.

But, we're here and safe. Once again God blessed us with safe travel. I'm always grateful for that. We've already seen Missy and the kids - we had breakfast with Missy and Patrick this morning. We'll be going back to their house for dinner tonight. It's good to be with them.

We are going to be boring this week; making up for the all the running we did over the past few weeks. Need to clean the RV!! And I'm looking forward to sitting outside, enjoying the lakes and playing my dulcimer. Gotta keep up the practice.

Take care of each. Keep in touch. Until the next time . . .

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