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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Great Weekend with Kevin

Well, the party's over! Not really. We had a wonderful weekend with Kevin and saying good-bye was not as hard as all of us anticipated. We will see him again in just five weeks at graduation!

We didn't do a lot of special things this weekend, other than eating out a lot. But, it was kinda nice how we settled back into the family atmosphere very quickly. I have to admit, it was pretty nice waking up this morning with Kevin sleeping on the couch! Just like old times, but better . . . I didn't have to wake him up to get him to go to work!! :)

We also got to spend quite a bit of time with Kev's best buddy, Ted, and his parents. I am so grateful for Ted. When Kevin went to boot camp, I asked God to provide him with one guy with whom he could bond and hang with. I also asked our friends to pray that for Kevin, too. God provided abundantly in the person of Ted. How great is God!

I've posted a couple of pictures here, but all the rest are on our Webshots site at Please go there and take a look at the Fort Benning folder. There are just too many to share here.

As we drove away, leaving Kevin on base, I turned to Randy and said that it seemed our son was growing into the man we always knew he could be.
What a blessing. You know, the last couple of years were tough with Kevin, but I truly believe he (we?) had to go through them to be where he is now. He truly appreciates the opportunities being offered him in the Army. He's a Team Leader in his platoon!! He certainly seems to appreciate us and the rest of his family. I thank God every day for getting us through the tough times and giving us this gift of our son. I am proud of my Soldier son.

Tomorrow we are back on the road. We will be spending the next week in Savannah. Really looking forward to that. There are supposed to be lots of neat things to see & do there. I'm sure I'll have adventures to share with you.

Please keep in touch. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Awwwww Terry.......
    I lust love these two handsome Soldiers! What a bonus this weekend was, to have time with you and Randy! We are truly blessed seeing the wonderful young men our boys have grown into! God Is Good!
    Ted's Mom