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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Savannah, Part 1

Yes, part 1. We spent the day traveling around the city on a trolley, but only saw half of what there is to see! The trolley tour is fantastic, but very exhausting. There are 17 stops and you can get off and on at each one if you wish. Well, of course, that's what we did. By stop #7, I was done. There is SO much to see in this city. The history is phenomenal. Luckily, we could get a 2nd day pass on the trolley so we can finish the tour tomorrow. Isn't that just so nice of the tour company to let us do that? :)

One of the first things I learned is that downtown Savannah is built around a series of Squares, or parks. And quite beautiful parks they are. Each one is nicely landscaped and is home to at least one historical monument or marker. Did you know there is a meaning behind how the riders on horses are displayed on monuments? Well, I sure didn't, but I do now. If the monument has the horse with the front hooves in the air, it means that the rider was killed in the line of duty or action. If all four hooves are on the ground, then the rider died of natural causes. Lastly, if one hoof is up, the rider was wounded in battle, but subsequently died of natural causes. Interesting, huh?

Our first stop was City Market.
This area has several boutiques and is home to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady & Sons. For those of you not familiar with Paula Deen, she has a show on Food Network and many, many cookbooks. I know, I know. You're thinking, how the heck does TERRY know who Paula Deen is????? It certainly is not because of the cookbooks or the show, as most of you realize. I've just seen her on talk shows and such. And our good friends, Ray & Judy Powers, love her restaurant.

Next stop was the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low.
Okay, who is she? All right, I'll tell you. She was the founder of the Girl Scouts of America! Her birthplace now serves as the Girl Scouts National Center. Did you know that Juliette started the Girl Scouts at the suggestion of her friend, Lord Baden-Powell? Lord Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts. Well, now you know the rest of the story. (My imitation of Paul Harvey.)

We learned that a Creek Indian, Tomo Chi Chi, is considered the co-founder of Savannah, alongside James Edward Oglethorpe. Apparently, Tomo Chi Chi was vital to establishing the city as a military outpost against the invasion of the Spanish.
Although he died in his village, at his request, he was brought to Savannah to be buried among his English friends. He was buried with military honors and rests in Wright Square. There is a monument to him there as well.

Another cool place we saw is the house where the movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil," was filmed.
It is officially the Mercer Williams House Museum. I cannot remember whether I've seen this movie or not, so it's now on our Netflix list!

We will finish our tour of downtown Savannah and the Riverwalk area tomorrow. The trolley is the way to go - no worries about parking! And if you get off to look around, there's another trolley every 20 minutes! We are looking forward to spending some time on the river. We were there a few years ago with Lee & Cheri and enjoyed it. We're also looking forward to eating in one of the many great restaurants down there!

There will be more pictures tomorrow! Until then, take care of one another. Keep in touch!!

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