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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Downtime in Charleston

We arrived in Charleston early Monday afternoon. It was such a tough trip - all of an hour and a half from Savannah!! Since we had so much time, we figured we needed to check off another Cracker Barrel, so the Walterboro, SC Cracker Barrel has made Randy's list. I think we're now up to 32 Cracker Barrels. Wow! Only 500+ to go!! :)

Since our arrival, I've been a sick puppy; nasty cold and HORRIBLE sore throat.
Needless to say we haven't done a thing. I told Randy it's a good thing we're here for two weeks or we wouldn't have seen a thing!! Thankfully, I woke up today feeling much better, so we'll be exploring soon.

I do want to share with you pictures of the funniest looking ducks I've ever seen! I thought they were chickens at first! We also have a nice view of the river that runs through the campground.

We've got a tour planned next week for historic Charleston. Really looking forward to that! Until then, take care of one another. Keep in touch!!

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