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Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Friends, Old Friends & A Beautiful Sunrise

My day started at 6:00 this morning as my body still hasn't adjusted to the Central Time Zone. But, it was a good thing because I really wanted to try to get pictures of the sunrise over the Gulf. So, I got myself up, dressed and out the door to hopefully catch the sun. And I was successful!

Oh my gosh. Standing on the beach, with only a few pelicans and a sandpiper for company, I had the privilege of watching the sun rise over the Gulf of Mexico. I could hardly stand it! I starting taking pictures, figuring I would get the sun rising in stages. Then, DUH! I realized that my camera has a video feature. (Welcome to the 21st century, Terry!) So, I was able to take a 2 minute video of the sun rising. How perfectly gorgeous it was. I've tried uploading the video but am having a hard time. Here's a link to my DropShots site where you can view the video: Enjoy!

Since we had a short drive today, only 2 hours, it was nice to take our time breaking camp. We even went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Russ & Pat. And they surprised Randy with a "Happy 40th Cracker Barrel!" sign. It's a hoot. We had a wonderful breakfast (of course! it was Cracker Barrel!) What great folks they are. I think we've begun a really neat friendship. They are heading to Texas to celebrate Christmas with their family. Their kids are coming down join them for the holidays. Isn't that nice? After we got back to the campground, we hugged and said our good-byes, promising to keep in touch and meet somewhere down the road.

We had an uneventful trip to Summerdale. Uneventful is always good when you're driving down the road towing 15,000 pounds behind you. And no, that's NOT because we've eaten at so many Cracker Barrels!! :) As we got within 20 minutes of the park, we got a call from Ron & Ruth wondering when we'd be getting in. Then, upon arriving, Pat & Dick came out to see us. They are parked right behind us. About 30 minutes later we had more visitors - Linda and Joyce came over; then Jan, our "landlord" came home and a few minutes after that Ruth pulled up! These are
ladies with whom I play with in the dulcimer groups. And they already told me they expected me at dulcimer practice tomorrow! :) What a great welcome!! I had told Randy on the way here I felt like we were going home.

We're going to have a busy week. We've got to catch up with friends, hit Lambert's for dinner and then head north on Friday! So much fun to have, so little time.

Until the next time . . .

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