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Monday, December 24, 2007

Our First Christmas Celebration of the Year

We had our first Christmas celebration of 2007! Randy, Reagan and I spent last evening with the Mackin family - Kelly & Kate are our first "granddaughters." Their mom, Amita and I worked together at Grace Community and became very close during that time. Kelly was born the first year I worked at the church and I have fond memories of her in her infant carrier sitting at my feet and rocking while Amita went about her duties as the church bookkeeper. Kate came along 3 years later and is a joy as well.

Amita and James had us over for dinner so we could spend some family time together. We had not seen them since early last summer at Kelly's birthday, so we were anxious to catch up. Reagan came along with us 'cause her parents had dinner plans. It was fun to have all three granddaughters together - they had a blast playing and Kelly & Kate were great with Reagan. They acted as if they had grown up together! Amita's mom, Virginia, also spent the evening with us. She's a great person and we enjoy seeing her, too.

We were treated to a puppet show by Kelly & Kate. It was fantastic! I love how creative kids can be when they are allowed to explore their imaginations. Reagan loved the Christmas themed show which was narrated by a frog!

After the show, it was presents time. Of course, this was what we were all waiting for! Kelly & Kate were pleased with the videos and Littlest Pet Shop toy Randy & I got them. We also brought Reagan a gift to open because, at 2 years old, she would never have understood why the other kids got presents and she didn't. She got a recorder and immediately put it in her mouth and made music! I'm sure her parents will just love us. :)

All too soon it was time to leave. Why is it when you're having a good time, the hours fly by; but when it's not so good, a minute feels like an hour???? After hugs all around, we headed home. Reagan had been such a good girl and it was soooo late for her. We got to her house about 9:40pm! Her mommy & daddy were ready to see her.

I hope that your Christmas celebrations will be as fun-filled and loving as our first one was. I'm looking forward to more this week! Until the next time . . .

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