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Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Holiday Weekend

We've had a good weekend thus far.

Of course, it started great on Friday – it was the first of the month and that means pay day! :) We had dentist appointments first thing on Friday, then we went to breakfast. From there, we went to the bank to refill the coffers (or envelopes, in our case). The afternoon was quiet and we ended up having an impromptu cook-out with Barry & Penny at their site. After filling our tummies, we sat and talked for a couple of hours until the bugs drove me home. :)

Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Barry & Penny. Barry had never been to Randy's favorite diner, White Horse Diner, so we figured it was time to introduce him. As we have always been, Barry was very pleased with his meal.

About 1:30, Lindsay, Reagan, Randy & I headed to Baltimore to attend my sister and bro-in-law's annual Fourth of July picnic. (Unfortunately, Jason wasn't with us, he went to the AT&T National golf tournament in Philly. He was missed!) They do a fabulous job of making everyone welcome and put on a delicious feast. Everyone brings a dish to share, but we all know the bulk of the work of a shindig like this falls on the hosts. But, Lou and Paula never blink; they just smile and make you feel like it's a piece of cake. Lou grills hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, ribs and chicken while Paula is inside making sure the food continues to flow.

We had a good time, as usual. We got to spend time with family with whom we don't get to spend much time.

Our grandniece, RyleighRyleigh Cool Chica

Our grandnephew, CJCJ enjoying the water

I was really thrilled that our eldest, Ginny, and her family came.

Ginny, Chuck & Tommy Pop, Tommy & Nana

It was great to hang out with her, her husband, Chuck, and our handsome grandson, Tommy. We don't see them often enough.

The day was ended with fireworks, which befitted the occasion. :)

Randy the sparkler handler

We said our good-byes about 10pm and took a very tired little girlie, as well as ourselves, home.

A tired girlie waiting on fireworks

This morning, after a slow start, we attended Church of the Open Door. We have passed this church for years as it is just across the street from WalMart. :) I'm not sure why we've not tried it before, but we finally did today. We really enjoyed it! It is a large church, with three worship services on Sunday morning. We attended the 11:00 service today, but will probably go to the 9:30 next time. The pastor gave a good, applicable message and the worship was good as well. Afterward, we stopped by the Information Center to get a visitor's package and were greeted by one of the pastors. He was very pleasant and seemed genuinely glad to have us there. I'm looking forward to going back.

The rest of our day has been spent in the A/C, in our recliners. What else is new! :) Tomorrow we're going to Jason & Lindsay's for a cook-out. Lindsay bribed Randy with food so he would come over and help Jason move some furniture. Of course, he would have done that without the bribe, but it never hurts!

I hope you're enjoying your long weekend. Please take a moment during your festivities to reflect on this great country of ours and how we came to be so great. And a great big THANK YOU to our military personnel and their families who fight to keep it great.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Loved the pictures of your family picnic...cute little kids. Glad you found a church that you enjoyed today.