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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ending the Month “Out on the Trail”

Today was a busy day for both Randy & I. Randy stayed home and cleaned all morning while I went out gallivanting. Seems like the perfect balance to me! :)

I started my day at Curves, but dag, I really wasn't feeling it this morning when I got up. SO didn't want to go; but I did. Then, it was on to my next stop – Lindsay's. After all, it's Thursday and that means it's laundry day. With the laundry done (well, the last load was in the dryer), we set off for the fun part of the day.

Lindsay & I had made plans to take a picnic lunch to Rocky Ridge County Park. On the agenda as well, was a scavenger hunt through the park. I don't know if it's Pennsylvania, or just the county in which Lindsay lives, but they have fabulous parks in this area! So well kept. And the parks system puts out a book with scavenger hunts that are available in each park. The idea is that you are looking for a “destination” and along the way they give you things to look for as you walk through the woods. Very cool. And some hunts are harder than others and they let you know that, too.

Our “destination” was Portugal. Not really sure why they pick different countries as the destinations, but they do. The book gives you facts about the country to which you are heading. Along our path we were to look for moss and lichen that grow on the trees. Reagan was great at finding the moss once we showed her what it looked like.

We thought this looked like a heart carved in the bottom of the tree trunk.

Thought this looked like a heart at base of tree

Well, our “trail” through the woods got a bit dicey at times. We thought we had gone off the path a few times.

Girlies walking the trail

Looking up thru the trees

But, we persevered and finally made it to the end – an observation deck. Our reward was a beautiful view of the area. We were able to see up to 13.5 miles away.

Made it to our destination! Observation deck Nana & her little girlie Three Mile Island as seen from the deck Reagan & Lins

Of course, the downside of walking a trail is that you have to walk back!! We didn't have to walk the rough path back through the woods, though. The park also has a fitness trail on which there are several stops along the way where you can do different exercises.

Reagan had her own way of using one of the stops. :)

Reagan is done!

All in all, it was a great day with my girlies. Now, I am pooped! But I'd do it again tomorrow, if it means spending more time with Lins & Reagan. :)

Now, we say good-bye to June and hello to July. Summer is moving on. And just a few more weeks until we welcome a new girlie to the family. Can't wait to meet her!!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. What a great idea! Those must be wonderful parks. Enjoyed going along on the walk with you and your girls. Funny, I'm not tired at all ! I like these virtual hikes...