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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Been a Slow Week

And it's been kinda nice. Neither Randy nor I have done much this week. I've gotten to Curves a couple of times. But most of the week has been spent in our recliners. :) I've cross stitched some and read some, but both of us have been quite vegetative. :)

We went to Lindsay's for dinner last night. And today I went back to do laundry and watch Reagan this evening as Lins went out with a friend and Jason was on his way back from an overnight work trip.

Randy was busy today cleaning the rig. He does such a great job – I just get out of his way!

Nothing much else to share. I'm still battling the discomfort of shingles. From what I understand, this could go on for awhile. It's not too bad during the day, but it really affects my sleeping. And I don't sleep well to begin with, so I'm gonna talk to the doc tomorrow to see if there's anything else I can do. We'll see.

We don't have anything planned for the weekend, either. Gosh, we are just slugs, huh! Oh, well. That's okay. I'm enjoying the peace while I can. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. Benadryl for sleeping, maybe?
    Glad you are relaxing and having fun with the little girl! That is what retirement is all about!

  2. My daughter's shingles hung on for a long time, but she had a severe case. Not sure how long a mild case will be with you. I know the Doctor told her to try and stay as stress free as possible.