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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We started our weekend on Friday with a trip to the Pennsylvania RV Show. This is a huge show; if you've never been, you really need to put it on your list of things to do. We go every year and we're not even in the market for a new rig! It's fun to see what's new out there.

This year we took Reagan with us. Dang! We could hardly keep up with her! She loved checking out all the rigs. I was concerned I'd wear out before an hour was up. The three of us spent a couple of hours walking around, oohing and aahing as necessary. :)

After we'd walked as much as Reagan could go, it was time for dinner and then on home. Reagan spent the night with us, which is always fun.

Saturday we met Barry & Penny for breakfast. This was the last weekend we'd be able to catch some time with them since we are leaving next Sunday and they aren't coming up to the campground that weekend. We had a good meal, good conversation and a promise to see them later in the evening around their campfire.

Then came the event of the day – Reagan's family birthday party! Now, if you've kept count, this was Reagan's third birthday celebration of her turning six years old. Yeah, it's good to be the Princess!

Such a happy girl

We did have a nice time; Lindsay & Jason always do a great job of making folks feel welcome in their home. Lots of family was there and some were not as they live out of state.

My folks

My folks

A nice bonus was that one of Lindsay's friends from high school, Jennette,

Lins & Jennette, BFFs 2011

and her family were able to come as well. (I love how Lindsay has kept in touch with several of her childhood friends – so neat.)

Reagan had a blast, of course. I mean, who wouldn't when it's all about you?? :) Presents and cake were a part of the festivities.

Opening presentsShe is not too sure about the size of this cake!

And the sun came out, so the kids were able to get outside, and that's always a plus!

We said our good-byes around 7pm and came home and sat around Barry & Penny's campfire as we planned. It was our first (and last) campfire of the season. Perfect night for it, cool and no wind.

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous; a bit cool, but sunny and bright blue skies. I sat outside in the recliner, reading. Haven't done that is ages. Randy & I were just lazy and I'm okay with that. :)

This coming week will be filled with the “last of” things. Next Sunday we'll get on the road and head for Kansas.

Until the next time . . .

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