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Monday, September 10, 2012

One Third

We are one third of the way through September already! August seemed to take forever to get through and here we are ten days into September. Randy's theory is that the first month of any new place seems long because we are trying to get into the routine of being there. Makes sense to me. Of course, I have no theory about this so anything would make more sense. :)

Last week we celebrated Lindsay's birthday and this week we get to celebrate Reagan's! She will be seven years old this Thursday. Dang, SEVEN. And she acts like she's seventeen! :) We were good grandparents and got her birthday goodies in the mail on Saturday, so they should arrive on time. When you're an absentee Pop and Nana, ya gotta be sure to get as many grandparent points as possible!

We had a lovely weekend here. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with temps in the mid-80s and low humidity. The lows have been in the mid-50s!! Saturday we didn't do much, although I got a lot of cross stitching done. I've finished two Christmas projects and am working on another thank-you project. Sunday we attended church and then after dinner, we took a “mule ride.”

The “mule” is actually an ATV-type vehicle which Randy uses when he's working. It's the easiest way to get around the lake. I wanted to see the area on the lake where he and Denny (the other workamper) were dragging cedar trees in preparation of building fish habitats. Prepping lake for fish habitats The area on the right side of the picture is where the trees will be placed.

We then rode down to the dam so I could get some pictures.


Dam outlet


Boats on the lake

I had never realized that the wildlife folks actually create habitats for the fish in these lakes. I just figured the fish live in the water and do their thing. Apparently not. These trees will give the fish areas in which to spawn and be protected from predators. The trees will be placed along the edge of the lake as well as further in. We'll be hosting a National Public Lands Day late in September during which volunteers will come and help.

Okay, environmental lesson over. :)

Our week is shaping up to be pretty much the same as last week. Not sure if we're going to Steve & Donna's or they are coming here. That's the big decision we have. Rough, huh? :)

Wishing you all a great week!! Until the next time . . .

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  1. Just think ... Reagan is one third the way to being 21!