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Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Few Weeks???

My last post said I'd check back in a few weeks and that was April 3! Well, I guess four or five weeks qualifies as “a few.”

I apologize to those folks who regularly check for an update on my blog. I haven't meant to disappoint you or leave you hanging, it's just there isn't much to write about when you're in a routine of doing a whole lot of not much! I work four days a week and Randy escorts our guests to their sites while also making sure the RV stays in shape. We go to church twice a week, going out to eat with friends afterward.

That's our routine. It doesn't change much. See why I haven't bored you with a blog post?

But, now we've only got three weeks before we hitch up the truck and begin our trek to PA. We are due in PA on June 17, but we're making a few significant stops along the way.

We are finally going to St. Augustine! I've wanted to explore that city for a long time and now we're going to have a day to do that. Then, we're stopping in NC to get a couple of days with good friends, Dan & Debbie. We haven't seen them in at least two years! Way too long.

We're also gonna spend a few days in southern MD so we can get some time with our oldest grandchild, Tommy (and his parents!) before they move to CO this summer. Then, it's on to the Eastern Shore of MD to visit with my folks.

Whew! A whirlwind 17 days of good times. I am soooo ready to be with family. This is the longest we've sat in one place since we've been on the road.

Before that can happen, though, we've got three weeks left to enjoy our Bonifay family. We have made some wonderful friends here and will miss them.

Once we're back on the road, I'll be posting a bit more frequently. Thanks for checking in and staying with us!

Until the next time . . .

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