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Friday, May 31, 2013

… And We’re Done

Today is our last day in Bonifay. Tomorrow morning we will hitch up and get on the road after living in one place since mid-October. That is the longest we've been in one location since we became full-timer Rvers just about nine years ago. Whew.

But, it is with very bittersweet emotions that we leave. Bonifay has become another place we've called home. The people here have embraced us and made us feel like family. Our workamping at Florida Springs RV Resort was very good for us, financially and emotionally. Andy & Alicia, our employers, have become friends. God provided a church home for us in First Baptist, Bonifay and we found lifelong friends there, too.

So, as excited as we are to be back on the road, heading toward family, it is hard to say “so long” to those we are leaving behind. Such is the life of the full-timer.

However, we did our good-byes in style. Today is Randy's birthday as well as one of our friends, Becky. So, eight of us got together and went out to dinner to celebrate Randy and Becky in addition to it being our last time together.

Clockwise from “12:00": Tom, Robert, Betty, Randy, Earl, Becky & Carol

Dinner with our Bonifay group

These people have loved us and we would go out to dinner after church every Sunday, so how else would we say good-bye!

We had a lovely dinner with great friends. And we carried on the conversation back at Tom & Carol's house. When it was time for our good-bye hugs, there were a few tears as well. We will miss these folks.

We pray that one day we'll get back here and renew these friendships. Until then, there's always Facebook, email, texting, and good old-fashioned telephone calls!

Until the next time – from the road!


  1. Happy birthday Randy! You are right, with all the ways we have to communicate nowadays, it is easier to maintain ties with those we love. Makes me think of the song "Friends" by Michael W. Smith.

  2. Oh you are so Not done here.....we want you to come back on vacation. You know you can do that now! I will always remember our fun, fun times together. Thank you for being My Friend, Safe travels until I see you again! (((Hugs))) to you and Randy

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I'm know it must be hard to leave....but just think of the excitement that's waiting right around the bend!