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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Gosh, I cannot believe it's been three weeks since I've posted! Just shows you we've not done anything blog-worthy! Our lives have really settled into a routine in Bonifay and we're enjoying it.

However . . .

Things got a little more exciting this past week!

Last Thursday we flew to MD for a two-week visit. I was so excited to be going home and seeing family. My family is very important to me and it is the main drawback to living the full-time RV lifestyle. But, on Thursday, I was on my way to getting a major fix.

We flew into a little airport in Salisbury, just 30 minutes from my parents', so they met us at the airport. They are so great; our flight wasn't due until about 9:40pm and that is late for them to be out running around. But, they didn't hesitate. We were a few minutes late getting in and it was fabulous to see them standing there waiting for us. The hugs were fabulous. But, it didn't end there.

We got our checked bag and headed to the van. As we got to it, the door slid open AND INSIDE WERE LINDSAY AND REAGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, for any of you who know me well, you know I squealed louder than ten pigs being chased by a butcher! Randy & I had absolutely no idea they would be there. My parents and Lindsay sure kept that a big secret. It was wonderful. I couldn't touch them enough.

When we got back to the house, Lindsay got Reagan in bed (it was late!) and we adults sat up talking 'til after 1:00am! It was the best way to start my Christmas holiday, I'll tell you that!

Unfortunately, on Friday, my mom had to have a heart cath done to check for blockages. There weren't any, which was good; but, the docs still don't know what's causing some heart issues, which isn't so good. But, she's home and able to celebrate the holidays with us and that is good.

While Daddy & Mommy were at the hospital, Randy & I enjoyed our time with Lindsay & Reagan. (I had wanted to go to the hospital, but Mommy wouldn't hear of it since the kids were here.) In the evening, we went to a Christmas light display the town has in a park. You ride a tram through the park and all the lights are great. Lots of different scenes, including the twelve days of Christmas and several fairy tales. Pretty cool.

Lindsay & Reagan left early Saturday morning as they had a function with Jason's family. It was wonderful to get that surprise and to have that time with them.

Loving my girl

We had another nice surprise on Saturday morning when Kevin called us! That was soooo unexpected. While we email with him often, it was so nice to hear his voice. Hopefully, he'll be coming home in just a couple of months.

We'll be at my parents' until tomorrow when the four of us will drive up to my sister's for Christmas Eve. We'll go to church with her and Randy & I will spend the night at her house while Daddy & Mommy spend the night at my niece, Megan's, house. Then, Christmas morning we'll all gather at Megan's. Lindsay & family won't be there as they'll spend Christmas day with her dad's family. Randy & I will drive up to her house Christmas night and spend the next week there.

It will be a busy week and a half coming up. We get to see our eldest, Ginny and her family, too. Only ones missing are Kevin and AubreyLynn, which makes our holidays a little bittersweet. But, hopefully, we'll be able to Skype with them.

Like I said, my family is so very important to me. And I am grateful that God has given us this time to spend with them.

Randy & I hope that each of you will have a great celebration of your holidays. Merry Christmas to you all!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Great post! Love that they pulled off the surprise!!!!

  2. You will be busy but a wonderful busy!! You guys enjoy that sweet family and have a very Merry Christmas!!