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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Living Life

Well, November slipped away without me posting an end-of-the-month blog entry! Just shows you we're living life and nothing exciting is happening. And that's okay with us!

Yesterday we did actually get out of the house, get in the truck and go somewhere. I KNOW! Shocker, huh? :) With another workamping couple, Randy & Parker, we drove up to Dothan to pick up tobacco for my Randy and then go to dinner. We chose Red Lobster because none of us had been there for quite a while. It was delish and we really enjoyed the conversation. Parker exercises with me every morning, but we'd really not spent a lot of time together otherwise. And the four of us had never gotten together to just get to know each other. We really like them and are sad they will be leaving to go travel a couple of days after Christmas. But, they've been here for several months, so it's time for them to play.

Our ultimate goal for going out yesterday was to visit a drive-thru Christmas display in Enterprise, AL. Dothan is about 45 minutes north of us and Enterprise is 40 minutes west of Dothan. So, we were all over the place last night! The Christmas display was actually at someone's house. They'd turned their very large yard into a Christmas extravaganza! Every character and display you can think of was there. They even had a train ride, if you were so inclined. And all they ask for is a donation of some kind. Pretty cool.

Can't let this post end without a shout-out to our Soldier, Kevin. He’s 26 years old today. Unfortunately, he's celebrating in Afghanistan; but I hope his buddies do something special for him. We're proud of his service and are praying for his safe return home. Happy birthday, bud!

Kevin at work

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Hope everything is ok..........haven't seen a new post lately.