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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Wrap-up

Randy and I have been enjoying hanging out with family. The first few days were a bit crazy, but we've settled down some in the past couple of days.

We attended Christmas Eve service at my sister, Paula's, church then spent the night at her house. Christmas morning was quiet and we moved slow. Paula and Lou got themselves out the door fairly quickly so they Ballerina Ryleighcould do Christmas at her youngest, Megan's, house. My folks had spent the night there and they were all excited to watch Megan's little one, Ryleigh, open presents.

Christmas Day was spent at Megan's. We stayed until about 4:30p then we headed up the road to Jason & Lindsay's. They had spent the day with Lindsay's father's family so we didn't do our Christmas with them until that evening. Reagan opening her giftsThey were very generous and bought me a Kindle! It's not something I would have bought for myself, but I find I am enjoying it more than I thought.

The day after Christmas was laid back. We had nowhere to go and that's was just fine. And we had snow!

Day after Christmas snow!  Sweep, sweep, sweep

Reagan had to go out - for a few minutes

On Thursday, we had another family gathering so the cousins could all get together. And it finally felt like Christmas! Christmas Day was just too quiet and didn't feel like Christmas at all. But, Thursday?




Yeah. Lots of laughter, talking, and noise. That's Christmas to me!

My folks with their great grands minus three.

Gma, DadDad & great grands 2012

Saturday we had yet another Christmas celebration with our bonus family, James, Amita, Kelly & Kate. Kelly & Kate are like granddaughters to us and Christmas isn't complete without seeing them. It was a good afternoon. Unfortunately, I was having such a good time that I forgot to take pictures!! Duh.

Since then, we've just hung out at home, enjoying family. We have one more Christmas get together tomorrow with Chuck, Ginny & Tommy. They are coming to Lindsay's and it will be so good to see them.

Wish we could have spent some time with our Kansas crew. But, we've kept up with Sam and AubreyLynn through texting and FB. Kevin is keeping his head down and staying safe while deployed. And we're grateful for that.

We've got a couple of doctor's appointments on Wednesday morning then we'll be leaving PA and driving back to my folks' house in MD.

Randy leaves early Thursday morning to fly back to FL. Plans changed and I'll be staying until January 14. My mom is having surgery January 7 and my dad has a couple of doctor's appointments coming up and it's just best if I stay to help out. I'm grateful to Andy & Alicia for understanding that family comes first.

We're looking forward to the blessings God has for us in 2013 and will meet head on any rough spots that come. Happy New Year to you all.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Nice wrap up. Hope all goes well with your folks.