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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Although the day was rainy and cool, we ventured out to tour Graceland anyway. I was a bit bummed that the weather was so uncooperative because we had wanted to walk to Graceland. But, we got in the truck (we needed to fuel up anyway) and headed down the block. Well, we soon came right back to the RV park because the parking fee for Graceland was SIX BUCKS!! Outrageous! We decided it wasn't raining hard enough to keep us from walking.

I've only posted a couple of pictures below, but have many more on our Webshots site. Unfortunately, some of the pictures are blurry because no flash photography was allowed and my camera doesn't like that!

It was very interesting to tour Graceland because of the other folks in the group. Some of these people were those we have heard about - totally in awe of anything/everything Elvis. You almost had to shove them out of the way to get a quick picture! However, we are very glad we took the tour, as it was amazing all of the stuff that has been kept for folks to view. Gold records, awards, clothes, furniture, pictures, etc.

The Meditation Garden is rather overwhelming - done in a big, gaudy way that was Elvis, apparently. He is buried there with his folks and grandmother. At this area, people really tended to linger, almost in worship. A little weird.

We leave Memphis tomorrow morning and arrive in Birmingham at Dan & Debbie's. Really looking forward to catching up with them.

Until the next time . . . enjoy the pictorial tour of Graceland. Keep in touch!

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  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Hey, where's the paragraph about being in Alabama with your wonderful friends, The Domers?