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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Taking a Look around Branson

We had a very quiet day today, which was nice. We did get our internet satellite up and running!!! YAY! I couldn't believe we actually got connected; I thought it would never happen. We are very grateful to our son-in-law, Jason, for the cell card he's lent us, though. It's kept us connected through all this time when the satellite wasn't working. He's a keeper! :)

We took a drive through Branson, just to see what it looks like. Oh my goodness! It's very overwhelming - your head can't turn fast enough to see it all! We are trying to figure out what shows we want to see. We've decided we can afford to do a couple of them and now we have to weed through them to decide which two. Of course, we've had all kinds of recommendations from anyone who's been here.

We stopped at Table Rock Lake just to take in the view. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, so the sunshine on the water was breathtaking. It was hard to believe that just a mile or two away is the craziness of Branson. A very nice respite.

Enjoy the pictures. Hope all is well with everyone. Please keep in touch!! Until the next time . . .

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