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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seeing Shows

The rain is gone! It was so yucky these past two days - cold & rainy. But, we persevered and had fun anyway. No surprise there, huh?

We saw two shows yesterday evening. Yes, TWO shows! We had planned to go to the Circle B Chuckwagon & Cowboy Show at 5pm. Then, the campground gave us tickets to a free magician's show at 8pm! Of course, of all nights to get a free show, it was on the night we already had tickets to another show. But, we figured we'd see how early we got out of the Circle B show and go from there.

The Circle B show was so much fun! We had a "typical" cowboy dinner - BBQ roast beef, sausage, beans, baked potato, biscuit, applesauce and dessert. The food was pretty good. The Horn family is the host of the show and the entertainers as well. They sang cowboy songs and had a comedic routine that was very funny. We really enjoyed this show. It also had a strong Christian message and was very uplifting. Pretty cool. The show was over by 7pm, so we figured we'd hit the magician's show and see what that was like. Figured it was free, so how bad could it be???? :)

The magician's name is Kirby VanBurch and we'd never heard of him. Other folks at the campground had been to his show and like it a lot. And, they were right! The illusions were great! He cut women in half; made them disappear and reappear; used animals (white Bengal tigers, black leopard, snake); made himself disappear and reappear on a motorcyle as well as in and out of difference cages. His final illusion was making a helicopter, yes a full-sized helicopter, appear on stage! That was pretty cool. I recommend his show to anyone coming to Branson. The final neat thing he did was at the end - he stated that all of his illusions were just that, illusions, and that all real miracles come from God. Then he proceeded to share a short testimony of Christ. That was so very cool. The only bad thing about the show was that I forgot my camera!!! How dumb was that?

So, not only did we have a very entertaining evening last night, we were treated to some uplifting messages about the Lord. Didn't expect that, but really appreciated it.

Our weather is supposed to be much better over the next few days. On Wednesday we are going to a Red Skelton impersonator show. We're looking forward to that. All of us (Roy, Barb, Randy & I) have great memories of Red Skelton from his TV show. Hopefully, this will be a good show, too. I'll let you know!

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