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Monday, November 06, 2006


We got to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon. We were going to watch our nephew, Patrick's, playoff football game at 4pm. We left Birmingham around 8:15 that morning and, since it was only a 3 hour drive, we figured we had plenty of time. We even stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way (imagine that!) and checked off another one on Randy's list. BUT, we didn't allow for the change from Central to Eastern time zone! So, we were actually an hour behind what we thought we'd be! We got to the campground around 2:15 and set up the RV just enough to get the electric & all going as well as settling Blackie so that we could get to Patrick's game on time.

It was fun seeing Patrick play in the game. And, they won, decisively! 26 to 0 and they go on to another playoff game next week. Was kinda glad when it was over, though, 'cause it was cold!!

Spent all day Sunday with Missy & the kids. Tara had to get back to Auburn early yesterday, but it was great that she came home just so she could see us. Really loved that! We're getting ready to go back over to Missy's this evening for dinner. Patrick had football practice tonight, so we'll be eating a little later than usual. I'm hoping to get a picture of the three of them so I can show you!

School's out tomorrow because of election day, so we'll be spending time with the kids tomorrow. Patrick wants his Uncle Randy to take him golfing and I think I'm taking MacKenzie out for lunch. Not sure what else we'll be doing.

We leave Atlanta on Thursday morning and head to Myrtle Beach. We'll take a couple of days to get there. Then, we'll be there for a week before heading home to MD for Thanksgiving.

Take care of each other! Until the next time . . .

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