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Monday, November 20, 2006

Leaving Myrtle Beach and Coming Home

We spent our last night at Myrtle Beach with Karen, our friend that we hadn't seen in several years. We spent the evening catching up on what we've been doing as well as our kids. It was like we had just been together last week rather than years. I guess it's like that when you share lots of good memories. We hope to keep in touch now that we've reconnected. This picture is of Karen and her youngest daughter, Katie. Aren't they beautiful!?!!

We took a couple of days to get home and pulled into Ramblin' Pines about noon on Sunday. Of course, I was in a hurry to get down to Lindsay's, so we hurriedly set up camp, ensured that the hoses were wrapped against the cold (not liking this 30 to 40 degree weather!!!) and headed down the road.

As we walked up to Lindsay's front door, it opened and all we heard were squeals of laughter!!
It was Reagan - and she seemed excited to see us. We're not sure if Lindsay hyped her up or what, but we didn't care. We were finally able to touch and hug on her. She has grown up a lot in the two months since we've seen her! More hair, running, talking, and just plain gorgeous. We spent last night with them just so we could get as much Reagan-time as possible. She is just too much fun.

Lindsay and Jason are doing great, too. They look wonderful and it was great to just hug Lindsay and been with her. He had to work late yesterday so we weren't able to see him until today, finally! He always looks taller to me when I've been away from him. He also was the recipient of a very loooonnng hug.

We're looking forward to getting lots of family time in this week - got lots to catch up on. Hope you are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to take time to reflect on the many blessings in your lives!

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