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Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Mother Always Told Me . . .

that you never know who you'll run into, so always be on your best behavior!

Well, that happened this morning. We went to church this morning at the campground and I saw a woman sitting toward the front of the room. I told Randy that she looked awfully familiar. Of course, he just shook his head 'cause he and the kids laugh at me because it seems I meet up with someone I know almost everywhere we go.

Anyway, I figured I'd speak to the woman after the service if I got a chance. And so it happened that I did.
I couldn't come up with her name, so I just went up to her and asked if she was from Maryland. She said yes and so I asked if she was from the Columbia area. Again, she said yes. I told her she looked so very familiar but I couldn't figure out from where. I asked is she ever worked for the Howard County School System and she said yes! We finally introduced ourselves, (Ken & Lesley Trinkley) but her name was not familiar at all! We talked a bit and decided we must have seen each other at meetings or even around the Columbia area since she lived in Kings Contrivance and we were in Stevens Forest (neighborhoods very close to one another).

We chatted a bit and, come to find out, she and her husband are now living in the Myrtle Beach area, having retired down here. They used to camp here at this campground and like it so much, they come to church here each Sunday.

I told her that Randy & I are enjoying this area and how we always look at each new area with an "eye" for settling down somewhere someday. We agreed that none of us miss Maryland winters and have no desire to live there again during them! They invited us to visit with them on Tuesday and explore their town. They actually live in Conway which is about 15 minutes west of Myrtle Beach. We made a date to get together on Tuesday afternoon. Then we're going to have "tea" at their house! Lesly is British, so this should be interesting! Who'd think we'd be getting a bit of British culture in South Carolina!!

1 comment:

  1. mary slater3:29 PM

    make sure you tell them your cousin married a brit, it definitely is a small world,
    "tea " could be tea and cakes or could be dinner--have fun