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Friday, August 27, 2010

An Historical Pictorial

How do you like that title? I am quite proud of myself, I must say. Doesn't take much these days! HA!

First, some more good news. We finally found a campground where we can stay for the duration of our time here in Kansas. Praise God! With all of the construction and some kind of pipeline work, the military families who live in RVs AND Labor Day weekend, we couldn't find a site for a week, much less two months. But, Kevin remembered a billboard for a campground about 30 minutes east of Ft. Riley. Randy & I stopped by there yesterday on our way to check out the state park near the base and I talked to the owner. She was a kind older woman who was sympathetic to our need. In short, she talked to her daughter who actually runs the park and the daughter, Judy, called me later and said they would find us something for the entire time! I could have just blubbered all over the phone and told her so. We will have to pull out for one night in mid-September as they are full to the brim because of a festival, but hey, that is NO problem. We are just grateful to have a site. God promises to provide for our needs and He did – in spite of my unbelief. He is so faithful. Why can't I remember that!?!?!!!

Now, on to our historical afternoon on Wednesday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny with a breeze. Perfect for walking around the historic neighborhood of Potwin Place. This neighborhood was placed on National Register in 1980. Its name comes from Charles Wolcott Potwin who bought the 70 acres and divided the land into 80 lots. When I was reading about the neighborhood, we found a very slight connection to Randy; Mr. Potwin was from Zanesville, Ohio which is very near Randy's birthplace of Caldwell. Okay, I said it was a slight connection! :) To read more about Potwin Place, click here.

Here are pictures of some of my favorite houses. I wish you could have walked along with us – the tree-lined streets provided shade for us. It was quite lovely.

P1120307 P1120310 P1120311

P1120312 P1120315

Each of the intersections have circles in the middle of them. Some were better cared for than others, but again, it was nice touch to the neighborhood.


A few more houses . .

P1120324 P1120327 P1120325

Once we'd walked throughout Potwin Place, we made our way to Old Prairie Town at Ward Meade Historic Site. Anthony & Mary Jane Ward bought the acreage that is now the park in 1854 and members of their family lived there until 1961 (can you imagine!) when the City of Topeka bought the property and turned it into a park. You can read all about the history of the land and how it is used today here.

There are tours offered at the park until 4pm. Of course, we got there about 4:15 and the place was deserted! However, we could still walk through and enjoy the park and read about the various buildings and enjoy the serenity of the botanical gardens. So, we did. :)

P1120328 P1120331 P1120335 P1120336 P1120348 P1120356 P1120350 P1120363

After the last couple of weeks of stress and unknowns, it was lovely to spend a gorgeous day outside with Randy. Walking along those shaded streets, hand in hand, it reminded me of what is important and that God, indeed, is in control.

Until the next time . . .


  1. I LOVE LOVE the Potwin Place houses. I want to live in one like that some day... maybe not the more colorful ones, but definitely like the first one and the white one with a wrap around porch. LOVE!

  2. Wow, I want to live in Potwin, so beautiful!