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Sunday, August 01, 2010

It’s Christmas!!

Well, it was this weekend at Cedar Lake Campground.

Christmas in July 2010

Each year the campground celebrates Christmas during the last weekend in July and then New Year's Eve during the first weekend in August. The owners figure the campground “family” is not together during these times because of the park being closed, so it was decided to celebrate during the summer.

Many sites are decorated to the max with all kinds of Christmas paraphernalia. Others (like ours) have a few lights up. And still others have none.

Our site (with Reagan doing her “Vanna” pose)P1120171

Others around the park P1120173 P1120174 P1120175 P1120179

The decorated sites are judged and the ones deemed the best are given some kind of prize. And yes, the judges can be bought! :)

To cap off the celebration, we all gather together for Christmas dinner. The park provides the turkey, ham and sodas with campers bringing a dish to share. You certainly can't go hungry around here; if you do, it's your own darn fault! The tables fairly groan under the weight of all the food.

Santa and Mrs. Claus come to the celebration, too. Presents are given out and general mayhem ensues when everyone tries to get their picture taken with Santa. We didn’t stay for Santa’s arrival as Reagan needed to get home to see her daddy before he left on business travel.

In addition to celebrating Christmas, we decided to have Reagan spend Friday night with us. We figured she'd get a kick out of all the decorations. Plus, it's always fun to have her around. :)

That was pretty much our weekend. We went to church this morning with Lindsay & Reagan and then out to lunch with them afterward. The rest of today has been spent napping, watching TV, and doing some first-of-the-month tasks.

Hope you've had a great weekend. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Sounds like a good campground that tries to do things for their guests/campers. Kinda hard to get into but probably a fun time. I know ya'll are glad to be back home and to have Reagan over to spend the night! :>)
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri