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Monday, August 30, 2010

Moved & Settled In Once Again

We broke camp this morning to move further west on Route 70. The plan was to set up camp for the next couple of months in Paxico at Mill Creek RV. This was the only park we could find space in; they had to do some shifting around for us, but were willing to do so. Every other park in the area said they were filled to the brim. And of course, we have Labor Day weekend coming up,too.

As we headed down the road, I got a phone call from Acorns RV Resort. This was one of the first parks we'd contacted regarding space. It is just outside of Fort Riley and would have been perfect for Kevin. They had nothing, but would call if something came up. Well, wouldn't you know it – they call today!! We were just five miles from our exit for Mill Creek and we get this call. Randy was ready to just stay at Mill Creek, but I wasn't sure. Acorns would be so much more convenient for Kev. Then, Brenda (from Acorns) told me our site fee would be $325/month including electric!! Mill Creek was very reasonable at $300/month, but we would have to pay our own electric. That made it a no-brainer – closer to Kev's work, included electric and it was closer to WalMart and Curves. Perfect!!

I called Judy at Mill Creek and explained that we had been offered a site closer to Ft. Riley. She understood and I thanked her profusely for her willingness to help us. I encourage anyone wanting a park within 30 minutes of Topeka to check out Mill Creek or Crossroads RV. Crossroads is where we've been for the last two and a half weeks. It is very reasonably priced – just $80/week plus electric. Or, if you're going to be in the area for a month, it's just $250/month plus electric. You cannot beat that!

I have to commend the workers at all three parks – they have been pleasant to deal with, very helpful in our struggle to find a park for the next couple of months.

While our site at Acorns is not as “pretty,” it gives us what we need; a full-hook site for two months. We are set up on a gravel lot with no shade. It's gonna be hot, but hey, we're not paying our electric, so let the A/C run. We do have to move for Labor Day weekend, but then the site is ours.

I had to laugh when we got the call from Acorns. I had pretty much given up on them, figuring we'd not hear from them. But, God had another plan. He needed me to see that He does provide, in His time. I am grateful for this site and that God continues to show me His grace in the midst of my lack of faith.

We expect Kevin to come home from the hospital tomorrow. YAY! And it looks like he will be living with us for the time being. He hopes to get his own truck & 5th wheel and start his own full-timing journey. We continue to covet your prayers for his health and well-being. You have all been wonderful in your support of our family. “Thank you” just doesn't seem enough, but it's all I got. So, thank you.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Terry...that is such great news! God is good and seems to keep wanting to show us He is in control. So glad He provided a special place for you guys to "be" for a couple of months.
    Sounds like Kevin is doing great and has made some important plans for his life.
    We will keep him in our prayers for continued progress and healing.

    Mike & Gerri